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Shipping with GoShip

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Jun 16, 2017

GoShip is the industry’s latest innovation for all your freight shipping needs. We connect you with trusted carriers who ensure your shipment reaches its destination safely and soundly. We offer the quickest turnaround times and an easy, hands-off way for you to ship.

How does Shipping with GoShip work?

1. You tell us what you’re shipping and where

How many items? What are you shipping? A new drum set? Let us know! You give us the length, width, height, and weight, and we’ll estimate the shipping class for you. Now, please let us know if it’s hazardous or stackable, so we get you the right shipper.

2. We give you the cheapest quotes with the quickest transit times.

You’re in control. You let us know which carrier you want shipping your cargo. From there, we automatically order the carriers from lowest to highest price so you can automatically compare carriers all on one convenient site!

3. Shipment details

Now that, you told us what you’re shipping. You picked your carrier. Now it’s time for the shipment details. Tell us exactly where you’d like your shipment picked up and delivered with contact information for both transactions. Once this is done, be sure to give us detailed information about your shipment and any special instructions you have.

4. Payment

We ensure your safety and security through our secure web browser. We handle the payment so you’ll never have to pay the carrier directly like some other sites.

Is Freight Shipping Good for Your Business?

Freight transportation has been around since the 1800s and for good reasons! It’s convenient, efficient, and affordable. Although back then, freight services catered more to hotel guests who needed help with storing or delivering their belongings. Freight services eventually evolved to include businesses under their clientele.

So, is it good for your business? Yes, especially if you regularly ship out products. Freight shipping service providers enable you to reach a wider customer base. You don’t have to worry about the costs of running your own in-house fleet either, removing a chunk of overhead fees for you.

With freight companies like GoShip, all you’ll have to worry about is paying for the services rendered. Trained staff will be handling your packages, making sure that these arrive safely and intact on the agreed delivery date.

How Freight Shipping Benefits Businesses

Of course, hyping up the benefits of working with freight companies is different from actually seeing the perks. So let’s expand on the many reasons why you should incorporate freight shipping services into your business. 

Delivery options

One of the main reasons people love freight shipping is the wide selection of delivery options to choose from. Freight service providers can accept smaller volumes of cargo, making it easier for both regular customers and small business owners to deliver their goods anywhere in the country. 


Surprisingly, not many people are aware of how much freight service providers save companies in terms of money. Freight companies form close relationships with air freight and sea freight carriers to get better deals, which means big savings for you and other clients! 


Back in the day, people simply signed over their packages to freight companies and hoped that it arrived at their destinations in good condition – if at all. But thanks to the advancement of technology and customer demands, freight companies now have real-time tracking where clients can use tracking numbers and check where their packages are.

Companies now also call up clients to inform them when their items are arriving and at what time. It is also easier to give customers heads-up should there be any delays. 


Freight companies like GoShip.com want to ensure that every piece of cargo entrusted to them by their clients arrives at their destinations safely and in the same condition as they were handed in. They use crates, pallets, and other packaging materials to safely transport your items from your doorstep to their destinations. 

Worried that your items will get damaged from the stacks of other packages in the freight? Don’t sweat. Freight companies also use corrugated fiberboards and heavy-duty paper boards to provide an extra layer of protection between your items and other cargo.


Insurance is a way to protect you and your business from suffering loss due to damages, theft, or lost packages during transit. Knowing your items are insured also reassures you that your cargo will be handled with utmost care.


Freight shipping delivers a wide variety of goods across the globe. Fruits, vegetables, meats, and non-perishables like your favorite vlogger’s merchandise can all be delivered via freight services.


Small businesses love this feature. Most freight providers like GoShip have real-time tracking to help put their clients at ease. You can go on their website, use the tracking numbers provided to you, and see where your items are at that moment. 

Arrived at a warehouse? You’ll be able to see that. On the road? You’ll see that too. You will even get notifications should there be any delays or mishaps on the roads. Tracking also puts clients of businesses at ease. They can see when their packages are arriving in their homes, warehouses, or stores and even reach out to the delivery staff for updates and concerns.

So if you ever need to send items over to the next state and can’t afford the gigantic storage containers larger manufacturing companies use, check out smaller freight options in your area!

Why Ship with GoShip?

We alleviate the hassle of heavy lifting and inconvenient shipping. We’re here to help you. We have an easy-to-use website connecting you with the industry’s highest-quality carriers. 

Our regional and national carriers can meet your shipping deadlines and not break the bank. Of course, we have a long-standing, trusted relationship with these carriers, so you can too. We, at GoShip.com, will be your partners in growing your business, connecting with clients, and ensuring safe deliveries wherever, and whenever.

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