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LTL Shipping Service – What questions should you ask?

Using an LTL shipping service is one of the best possible solutions for small businesses and shippers. LTL shipping services have many benefits, the most significant of which is cost saving. You don’t have to use a full truck for your shipment, and the capacity is shared with other shippers, so you only pay for the space your freight uses.

If you have already decided on picking an LTL shipping service, there is an important thing to do – choose the right carrier. Don’t get too excited by the first available offers and low prices. Remember, shipment safety and transit time is the main priority when choosing a carrier. Research a bit more about what a potential shipping partner can offer and ask questions to determine if the service best fits your needs.

Does the LTL shipping service provide all you need?

Before any other inquiries, define if the LTL provider can match your requirements. Make sure that the service you choose can best benefit you and your individual or company’s shipping needs.

Is their reputation clean?

The brand image today plays a tremendous role in the company’s success, and the reputation is determined by customer reviews. Figure out if the potential LTL shipping provider provides good customer service. Is there a lot of negative feedback? How do they portray themselves to customers?

Do they offer visibility during the shipping process?

Easy and accessible shipment tracking is important when you’re shipping goods long distances. Make sure that your LTL shipping provider offers transparency. A big bonus to the service would be the possibility of receiving reports about key transits of the vehicle. LTL shipping services like provide real-time tracking of your shipment to keep customers aware of any updates.

Do they offer a fair price?

It may be complicated to decide if the price is adequate unless you have inquired about quotes from dozens of carriers. Online marketplaces like collect offers from various different available carriers, and you can easily compare the quotes without requesting them separately. Try to keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best quality. There are still plenty of other factors to consider.

Do they provide additional services?

Feel free to ask if the providers have additional services to offer: packing, shipping containers, and other services that can simplify the shipping process for you. LTL freight shipping is a cornerstone of logistics operations, so choosing your shipping provider is a complex decision that requires a lot of time and analysis. Make sure you have figured out all the features of the LTL shipping service before setting up long-term cooperation.

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