How to Ship Large Items Across the Country

how to ship large items

Many items can be classified as larger than parcel and can be a pain to transport. Whether you want to ship furniture, appliances, machinery, or the large volume of goods, it’s likely that your shipment won’t fit into a standard parcel. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual shipper who needs to move things from point A to B or a small business distributing goods, reliable and affordable shipping service is what you’re searching for.

Here are 3 steps to successfully ship large items:

Collect accurate information about the shipment

Make sure you’ve measured your freight correctly, as this information impacts shipping cost.

Choose a convenient shipping service

Online services like GoShip.com will simplify the entire process for you. A good shipping company should have a wide network of carriers, provide shipping rates, and assist you in arranging the shipment. If you already have information about your shipment, use our shipping calculator!

Go ahead and ship!

Once you’ve chosen a shipping partner, provide them with all necessary information. If there are any questions or concerns, contact the company directly to manage all the details. Arrange pickup and delivery time, and here you go! Read more about how the shipping process works.

How big is a large shipment?

There are two main categories of shipments: parcel and freight. Therefore, your large items will be classified as freight. Are there any size limits that distinguish these two categories? Particularly, yes. For most of the shipping services, if your shipment weighs more than 150 lbs, exceeds 108 inches in length and 165 inches in girth – it’s probably freight.

How to ship large items?

There are many different transportation modes available for moving freight. Depending on the shipment’s volume and size, it can be moved through full truckload, less-than-truckload, partial truckload and more. The less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping mode is the most popular way to ship goods at a reasonable price. LTL suggests your items are large, yet don’t require a full trailer. This allows you to share shipping costs with other shippers whose freight is combined with yours in one truckload.

What is the best way to ship large items?

Whenever you are thinking about a way to move items, you should begin by looking at your budget. Instead of going to a regular parcel service and pay high rates, try searching for better options for online LTL shipping services like GoShip.com. Within our easy-to-use website, you can access available carriers throughout the U.S. and book a shipment for a reasonable price. You can arrange everything online, and track your shipment 24/7.

How much does shipping large items cost?

There’s no fixed price for shipping freight, as every piece is different. The final shipping cost depends on many factors:

  •  Dimensions
  •  Weight
  •  Destination
  • Time limits
  • The carrier that you’ll choose

However, at GoShip.com you can easily compare prices with our shipping calculator. You just need to enter your shipment information and the system will give you an approximate price. Please note that it’s impossible to predict a precise number. The calculator will give you a realistic rate, but not the ultimate version of it.

Need to ship large items, furniture, appliances or goods? Contact us now or get a free LTL quote today!

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