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How To Safely Ship Oversized Items: Everything You Need To Know

Shipping Oversized Items

The e-commerce sector is fiercely expanding, and the number of consumers who are purchasing online is constantly growing. According to, holiday e-commerce sales in 2018 have reached $120 billion compared to $103,88 in 2017, which is 15.5 percent growth. Purchasing oversized items, like furniture or equipment online is becoming more common as well. However, many people still experience difficulties when it comes to shipping oversized items.

What are the options?

Whether you are buying or selling bulky items via eBay or Craigslist, there is always a dangling question: how does it get to the owner? What’s even more pressing is how can it be delivered fast and without any damage? With services like, shipping of oversized items is easier than ever before.

Shipping oversized items via LTL shipping

One of the best possible alternatives for large pieces transportation is LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping. LTL shipping does not require the full truck capacity, and you can pay only for space you actually use. LTL shipping providers, like, offer user-friendly services for safe and convenient delivery of large items. Many of these services are based on the online marketplaces, so you can arrange delivery 24/7 without extra needed communication. To approximately understand the cost of a certain shipment, you can get a free estimate, based on the size and dimensions of the object. Often large shipments cannot be delivered by standard parcel services and need a complex packing. To deliver your items safely, shipping services offer palletizing, wrapping, cushioning or crating. There are also other additional services, such as lift gates, to make the shipping as comfortable as possible for you.

Benefits of LTL

If safety and convenience are important for you, LTL shipping is the soundest solution for your needs. You don’t have to worry about burdensome operations or communication with dozens of people. Everything is done online within few clicks. Online shipping services not only let you easily and safely move items but also offer reasonable pricing. It is always challenging to arrange such complicated things when shipping all by yourself. It can turn out to be more expensive and stressful delivery, than when using a trusted LTL shipping provider.  Reliable shipping services, like, have an extensive network of carriers and provide all the needed options to meet your expectations.

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