How to Get the Best Freight Rate in Current Conditions

Today, the freight market is fluctuating and freight rates are unstable. Many shippers struggle with their businesses and face challenges while trying to arrange their transportation process. Securing the right capacity and reasonable freight rates were always a priority for shippers, and now it’s even more important. There are a few tips shippers can utilize when it comes to getting the best freight rate and enhancing their efforts.

3 ways to get the best freight shipping rate

Plan ahead

Carriers and shipping companies are living in the same uncertainty as shippers, so both parties have an interest in advanced planning. If you secure a rate sooner, it will be significantly lower than if you were to try to partner with a carrier within a few days of the pickup date. Freight carriers provide the option to pay 1-2 months prior to the shipping date.

Combine shipments

Consolidation has always been a time and cost saver for shippers, and we don’t recommend neglecting it now. If you ship freight less frequently, in large volumes, and have a few locations in the close area, try consolidating. Properly stack your shipments and prepare them at a single point where the pickup will take place. Consolidation makes shipment tracking easier as well.

Partner with a 3PL

Partnering with a reputable shipping service can reduce stress and save costs. You can compare shipping rates from a wide variety of carriers and choose the option that fits your business needs in terms of service, capacity, and equipment.

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