Essential Tips for Selecting the Best FTL Freight Carrier

How to Choose the Best Full Truckload Freight Carrier?

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Jun 30, 2021

FTL or full truckload carriers make up the largest freight market share globally at about 46.4%. Full truckload shipping offers some of the most flexible and convenient methods to land delivery, particularly in North America. FTL carriers provide an excellent solution for shipping high-value, fragile, or hazardous products urgently and safely to their destination.

Due to point-to-point standards of FTL shipments, suppliers can rest assured that FTL shipments will entail less handling and higher security. It is therefore essential to choose the right FTL carrier that will address your individual needs and give you the best shipping experience. However, there are a few more considerations when choosing the right FTL carriers.

To help you find the best solutions, read our guide on the factors to consider when choosing the right FTL carrier for your business.

Why should I go for FTL Shipping?

Before discussing how to choose the right FTL shipping carrier, it’s important to figure out if the FTL shipping method is the most optimal solution for you. Here are some of the main features of FTL carriers and shipments:

  • Point-to-point shipping regulations reduce delays and product mishandling
  • For time-sensitive deliveries
  • Security is the top priority
  • No unnecessary handling of goods
  • For loads heavier than 15,000 pounds
  • Highly trained drivers and operators

The downside of choosing FTL shipping is that rates regularly fluctuate due to freight capacity, fuel costs, transit time, unfavorable elements and/or weather conditions, accessorial charges, and truck type.  Dealing with FTL shipments can be complex, that’s why we recommend finding reliable logistics experts and carriers that know how to deal with these price fluctuations.

How to choose an FTL carrier?

Aside from considering pricing, there are quite a bit of factors you need to consider before choosing the right FLT carrier. Make sure you go over these aspects to find the perfect match:

Great Track Record

Never underestimate the power of reviews! Always check what customers have to say about how well a freight company fares with delivering product on time and intact.

Safety Standards

FTL trucks will carry extremely heavy loads, most likely of very high-value goods. Ensure that the freight company you choose has robust trucks that have gone through complete safety checks and comply with all regulations.

Transit Time Considerations

FTL shipments deal with highly time-sensitive deliveries.  Make sure to check if the carrier is for long-haul services or regional purposes. The former will generally take longer.

Real-time tracking

Opt for FTL carriers that offer real-time online tracking to be updated on the location, condition, and projected arrival date.

Liability Insurance

In case of damage, freight won’t typically cover the damages of your cargo. Ensure that the FTL carrier’s liability insurance is up to date and gives fair coverage of your declared value.

Flexible Industry Solutions

Going for an FTL carrier that provides flexible solutions to different business sizes and industries ensures the company’s adaptability to changing client needs.  Services that are worth looking into include consolidation, customs clearance, and convoy routing. By checking the add-on services your FTL carrier provides, businesses can cut down on delivery expenses.

Transportation Management and Supply Chain Technologies

FTL shipments deals are part of a highly complex supply chain and logistics. Reliable FTL carriers will have the technology to ensure efficient supply chain and transportation management systems and solutions.  This may include specialized shipping options, drayage, intermodal, exceptional customer support, and innovative dry vans and climate-controlled units.

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