Guide to Selecting Best Freight Shipping Provider for Business Success

How to Choose the Best Freight Shipping Provider

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Sep 30, 2021

The smooth delivery of your products is the first way to build trust and customer satisfaction.

When running a business, you must find an affordable, reliable, fast, and secure way for your items to reach your customers.

What are some of the factors to look for in the best shipping provider?

In this article, let’s explore the factors you need to look for in a shipping provider:

  • Pricing
  • Coverage
  • Reliability
  • Security, Delay, and Damage policies

To help you along, we also looked into the easiest ways you get a quote and book a freight carrier.

Let’s begin!

How important is finding the best shipping provider in running a business?

No matter how great your product is, if your business fails to find a secure and reliable carrier, you won’t get favorable reviews for our customers.

First of all, there’s the risk of damage and mishandling of your parcels in transit. Even worse, your package could even get lost! All of these circumstances entail a loss of income.

Failing to look for the right courier and freight method for your business might also mean that you’re overspending on shipping. This will force you to drive up your prices! And we all know that can lead to a chain reaction of unhappy customers and income loss on your part.

Lastly, providing good delivery services builds trust between you and your customers! Whenever you ship out an order, make sure that there are transparent tracking and fast services.

Now, let’s look at some of the factors to consider when choosing a shipping provider.

Key Considerations for the Best Shipping Provider


The first thing you should check is if the carrier extends their services to your package’s final destination.

Do they ship to remote locations? Do they do international shipping through ocean or air freight?

These are just some questions you need to ask.


Did you know that 40% of customers are likely to back out of purchase due to pricey delivery fees?

Going with the cheapest option won’t do you any good either. Businesses risk their deliveries arriving late, undergoing mishandling, damage, or loss.

There are factors that drive up the price, such as mode of delivery, the volume of the shipment, and how fast it’s supposed to arrive at its final destination.

One of the most affordable ways to deliver bulk or irregularly-shaped cargo is through LTL or FLT shipping.

Time-sensitive cargo is usually sent through air freight, which is the fastest shipping method. However, it’s also the most expensive!


Now, make sure that the provider you go with is trustworthy!

To check this factor off your list, they must have transparent tracking and shipping insurance.

Instant and real-time tracking is beneficial for businesses and customers to ensure that there aren’t any discrepancies with lost or damaged items.

Ensure that the shipping provider covers insurance from pick-up until your freight reaches its final destination.

Security, Delay, and Damage Policies

How will your carrier address the situation in case of damaged or lost goods?  What is their protocol for items that fall under a failed delivery attempt?

Review the carrier’s damage and delay policies to give yourself and your customer peace of mind!

Finding the Best Shipping Provider –

With hundreds of couriers to choose from, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to look through all the available options.

Thankfully, there is a way to get custom shipping solutions for your business.

You can visit online freight shipping marketplaces to get a quote with some of the most affordable shipping rates in the nation. All you have to do is input your delivery details, and you automatically get a quote for easy booking.

With 24/7 self-service platforms like, you’ll instantly be connected to LTL and FTL freight carriers. Get a quote, book, and track your shipments 100% online!

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