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How to Build a Beneficial Shipping Strategy

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Jan 16, 2019

In today’s society, people expect to receive whatever they want, whenever they need it, at the price they want. Business owners can benefit from creating a focused shipping strategy to reduce freight costs and increase profitability and efficiency.

The importance of shipping strategy

A shipping strategy for small businesses is critical to keep customers happy and satisfied. Only following your supply chain organization will let your buyers feel safe and confident about purchasing from you. These are your planning and leadership skills that affect shipment safety and speed. As a responsible business owner, you are in charge of your customer experience, and a strong shipping strategy can help you set a high supply chain standard.

Shipping strategy has a significant impact on your financial profits. Suppose you have developed loyal relationships with your partners, generated a logistics budget, familiarized your target audience, and handled the shipping safety. In that case, you’ll ensure a stable income and growing interest of buyers. Later, you’ll start spotting opportunities for saving shipping costs without affecting the supply chain flow. Regular earnings and saved funds will allow you to develop your business effectively and expand your buyers’ public to the desired extent.

How to develop a shipping strategy?

When working on a suitable plan of shipping operations, it’s necessary to follow a few significant steps. Set clear goals so it’ll be easier to build your supply chain logically and conveniently. With time, you’ll memorize a supply chain scheme that works perfectly for you and apply it to your shipments.

Carrier research

The first step to creating your shipping strategy is researching your carrier options. It is best to know how each carrier has its unique qualities and characteristics and understand which carrier is best for your specific shipping purposes. Later, you’ll learn the dynamics of carrier capacity shifts and their approach to forming shipping prices. Thorough carrier research allows you to find reliable partners for your future shipments.

Choosing packaging method

The second step is ensuring the packaging of your shipment is efficient. Good protection will help reduce costs and protect your cargo from any possible damages. While you can pack stackable items into regular cardboard crates, consider extra packaging and void fillers for sensitive and breakable products. In addition, quality packaging contributes to customer satisfaction and directly represents your brand. Please choose the most appropriate protective packaging, yet think about its appearance. For instance, eco-friendly packaging continues to grow popular among small businesses.

If you palletize your freight, loading and unloading processes will be more efficient for the carrier. Most carriers are familiar with palletizing and can assist you with placing your cargo correctly in a truck. Shipping pallets will prevent unwanted movements and keep your boxes fixated throughout the transit. Ensure your load is appropriately palletized and safe to avoid any additional costs for damages that may occur during the shipment.

Providing precise data

One of the most critical steps is always to ensure the shipping information is correct before booking your shipments. Shipments delivered to incorrect locations can cause unwanted stress on the carrier and shipper, and you can easily avoid situations like this with the correct information. Besides, recording accurate data will keep you away from unwanted expenses. You may sometimes face additional charges because shipping services are reweighing, remeasuring, or reclassifying your cargo. Be attentive to details and note all the freight information in your shipping paperwork.

How can a good shipping strategy benefit you?

Working on a shipping strategy is vital for reducing costs and increasing profitability. A comprehensive action plan can help you better understand the core logistics processes and tailor them to the business specifications. Besides, you’ll be able to predict possible shipping disruptions and prevent them.

A sign of a successful shipping strategy is your ability to save transportation costs. If there’s a chance to keep your supply chain affordable without lowering the quality of shipping operations, you must be on the right track. Even if you face some bottlenecks, you can always review your strategy and resolve problematic issues.

Building shipping strategy with GoShip

Technology is everywhere in our everyday lives and can be especially helpful when choosing a shipping method. You have access at your fingertips to a variety of shipping options. Also, technology allows GoShip’s self-service platform to integrate your shipping strategy. GoShip strives to assist you with convenient services to ensure your plan works and your shipping costs are low.

GoShip provides you access to leading less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriers from all over North America. We can help make your transportation strategy easier by handling your logistics processes. We take care of building relationships with top LTL freight carriers for you so that you can spend more time on your business and save money on all of your logistics needs. Check our website and get a free shipping quote today!

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