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How Are Mobile Shipping Apps Changing the Shipping Industry?

The freight shipping industry is moving far away from paperwork-centered operations. Most companies have implemented technology tools to run their business and keep data organized. Now that CRM’s, ELD’s, and many other essential technologies have become popular in the industry, shipping apps can improve shipping experiences for both shippers and carriers.

How are mobile shipping apps changing the shipping industry?

With more individual shippers, small businesses, and carriers wanting to keep their shipment handy and have 24/7 access to information, there couldn’t be a more convenient place than your smartphone to do it. That’s why shipping apps and mobile-optimized websites are becoming a new must for shipping platforms. Enabling shippers and carriers to manage and monitor their shipments within a few clicks is essential to simplifying customers’ lives.

How can mobile shipping apps benefit shippers and carriers?

Integrated shipping software helps companies reach new levels of productivity. In 2020, mobile e-commerce sales account for 49.2% of purchases, and this number is projected to grow. This means half of the online customers are using their smartphones for shopping and online purchases. Developing user-friendly, functional, and reliable mobile software is a great way to enhance your customers’ experience and achieve retention.

For carriers, such shipping platforms allow you to compete in the market even if you are small or mid-sized. Same for smaller shippers, shipping apps give a wider pool of opportunities to choose from while booking a shipment.

Better connectivity between drivers, carriers, and shippers will help reduce deadhead drives and empty hauls. Once you choose a convenient mobile shipping app, you can reduce the time and costs spent on shipping since you don’t have to refill the data every time or do other manual operations.

A proper shipping app can become a valuable solution for businesses, shippers, and carriers, taking their shipping experience to the next level.

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