GoShip Adds Shipping Innovations & Customer Enhancements

GoShip: Shipping Innovations & Customer Control Enhancements

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Sep 18, 2018

September 18, 2018 – GoShip, an online less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping exchange, announced that its new platform freight shipping innovations are now live and available to customers.

GoShip has added capabilities to provide users with more control over their shipments. These new features include leading customer profiles and increasing shipment tracking visibility. Besides, our customers get an opportunity to view every LTL freight shipment on one dashboard.

Shipping innovations with GoShip

We have created these improvements based on customer feedback and the overall goal of enhancing the user’s experience. The shipping innovations improve quality performance and help integrate its website to become more user-friendly and cohesive. Thus, our customers will be able to navigate the digital platform easily and access it from any device.

With improved shipment tracking features, users can actively supervise their shipments and receive updates on cargo movement. We aim to maintain communication with our customers and lead them through the supply chain cycle using shipping innovations. For this reason, we have prepared a professional customer support team.

GoShip is optimized to deliver a consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile applications. GoShip’s new developments reiterate its investment in shipping innovations. We prioritize giving our users the most reliable, convenient, affordable, and cutting-edge online shipping experience.

About GoShip

Founded in 2017, GoShip is an innovative online exchange for less-than-truckload shipping services. Users can ship anything from household appliances to living room furniture to oversized freight – no matter the size, you can GoShip it.

GoShip has partnered with thousands of pre-qualified trucking companies to ensure customers are getting the best LTL freight rate. With countless transportation companies in the market, GoShip differentiated itself with the lowest rates compared to other major competitors. Users can get a free, no-obligation quote and book their shipment within the same screen. To learn more and test our shipping innovations, visit www.GoShip.com.

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