Cold Season Shipping: How to Properly Pack and Move in Winter

You may not have wanted it, but you’re moving, and it’s winter. Moving this time of year can bring about many challenges when you’re making arrangements for the big day. It’s a good plan to outline what you need to do before setting your date in stone, luckily, we did that for you! Here is our outline of how you should pack for your winter move. Weatherproof your packing is a must. With the possibility of freezing temperatures or wet conditions, you want your items protected.

Consider these packing materials:

  • Consider the use of bins instead of boxes to keep the wet out, they are easy to carry, sturdy and stackable.
  • Plastic bags make a great investment for sealing out moisture from your items, even moisture can make its way into a bin or a box.
  • A plastic wrap is also a fantastic option for protecting those odd-shaped items or even wrapping the lids of the bins to seal them.
  • Tape should be used to secure the tops and bottoms of any box or to secure bin lids on.
  • Bubble wrap or thick packing paper can help your items in transit but can double as an insulator for those frigid temperatures.

How to pack your items for winter move?

  • Electronics and wet weather are not friends, keep the electronics in sealed bags before placing them in a box to keep moisture out.
  • Large electronics, such as your brand-new television, can be wrapped in oversized plastics bags, or even plastic wrap.
  • Furniture items such as your favorite lounge chair or that stunning couch can be covered with plastic wrap.
  • Mattresses can be placed into plastic mattress bags.
  • Items that don’t fear moisture can be placed in your basic cardboard box, as they don’t require special attention.

Once your items are packed securely, you’re ready to ship. To save yourself some money, utilize online shipping platform like to move your items. Pairing with an online shipping platform can ensure your items arrive in record time and in a safe condition. Just be sure that you have yourself prepared as much as your items are. The roads and the weather can be unpredictable. We want your items to arrive safely just as much as we want you to arrive safely.

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