4 Tips to Make LTL Shipping Easy

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4 Tips to Make LTL Shipping Easy
tips to make ltl shipping easy

Shipping can be stressful sometimes, we understand that. Most of the time the hardest part is organizing your schedule to fit it in. Often, you may be scrambling to make it to the shipping service’s office. Or you have no time at all to go through the process of making the shipment order. With new and innovative solutions arising each year, you can begin to leave your worry behind and start to make your experience a breeze! Here are some great ways that you can help make your next LTL shipment easy and stress-free.


Making yourself a plan is the best solution to keeping your LTL shipping experience easy. We recommend organizing your shipments by date of departure and consider leaving yourself a little extra time for the shipping time. It’s wise to plan for worst-case and best-case scenarios such as holiday traffic and weather.


The best way to make your experience easier is to create a simple and efficient packaging solution for your LTL freight. One of the highest recommended methods is palettizing. Consolidating your shipment to a pallet allows loading and unloading to be fast and smooth. Did you know that the right packaging even protects your goods? On a pallet, your shipment is more secure so you can leave that worry at the door.


Technology is your best friend (and it’s ours). Use it as much as you can and take advantage of what you have available. Utilizing a good LTL shipping service is a great way to get started. The best services offer an online portal to schedule your shipment. Certainly, a useful tool when you need to make that shipment ahead of schedule, or last minute. These online portals take much of the work out of your LTL freight shipping and even automate a lot of the process.

Carrier Availability

Another great way to make your LTL freight shipping easy is to find a shipping service that has a wide range of carriers. Having your options open can make your life easier. Instead of being stuck with one or two carriers and only working around their availability, you can have up to thousands at your fingertips. More carriers mean better pricing and easier availability around your planned shipping schedule.

At GoShip.com, we thrive on technology! Our team has put together one of the most advanced services on the market with our customers' happiness as their top priority. Be sure to read the many shipping services that we offer, and when you’re ready, get your free quote!