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How to Properly Pack and Move Your Mattress: A Short Guide

Have you ever struggled to move a mattress during your shipment? Although mattresses may not seem too important, they are a frequent request of delivery services. Still, mattresses aren’t the easiest to ship as they’re bulky, heavy, and require reliable packaging and fixation. If you are planning a shipment and need to find an easy way to move your mattress, we want to help.

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First, we would like to break down the common types of mattresses. Most mattresses fall into one of seven categories: innerspring, hybrid, pillow top, water, memory foam, latex, and gel spring. Each mattress is made up of a different support system to make sleeping the most comfortable for you. If you are looking to purchase a mattress, you should do your research on different types and makeup of mattresses. This will ensure the one you select fits your comfort and sleeping needs.

How to pack a mattress?

Whether you chose to move your mattress yourself or use a shipping company, it is recommended to preliminary remove any external elements from the mattress and verify it’s clean and dry. Then, wrap the mattress in plastic or a special mattress bag to protect it from any damage. After condensing the item into a shipping bag, tape its ends to keep the mattress away from dirt and moisture.

When shipping a mattress, most people fasten it to the top of their car or pack it into a van or the bed of a truck. If you are planning to locate the item on the roof of your car, tape or tie down any extra plastic and balance the mattress in the middle of the car roof. It is also important to drive slowly to avoid the mattress shifting out of place. You need to make sure you can see out of the proper windows in the vehicle you will be driving for your safety.

If you are hiring a carrier to move your mattress, remember they normally require mattresses to be bagged and boxed before the pickup day. To do it, you can use a professional help service that will assist you with proper packing performance and perfectly prepare your mattress for shipment. GoShip partners with Taskrabbit, a service provider that effectively helps with packing, shifting, lifting, etc.

How to ship a mattress?

To move your mattress fast and properly, it is necessary to choose a reliable carrier. If you need to ship a single item, shipping services will offer you less than truckload (LTL) delivery. LTL implies sharing the truck space with other shippers thus saving your costs. In case your shipment is time-sensitive, or you’ve got several mattresses to move, it is better to go for full truckload (FTL) shipping mode where you’ll fill the whole trailer out. Besides, the driver won’t make any additional stops on the road.

If you want to move a mattress and need shipping assistance, check out our GoShip delivery suggestions. We will provide you access to a vast carrier network, so you can find the best option.

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