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5 Steps To Get the Best LTL Shipping Rates

If you are shipping goods across the country, you probably look for the lowest freight shipping rates. While many online shipping services offer free quote comparison, choosing the best one for your needs can be tricky. Shippers are often unaware of how they can reduce shipping costs independently. Before diving into the shipment booking process, you should know some tips and tricks to save on transportation and get the best LTL shipping rates.

LTL shipping rates

How to get the best LTL shipping rates?

Provide accurate information

Beginner shippers often make a common mistake by stating approximate information about their freight. When calculating freight quotes, dimensions, weight, and density are key measures, and small differences can bring you additional charges and fees. Make sure to properly measure your package to avoid higher rates and confusion.

Consolidate and pack your shipments

If you ship boxes via an LTL shipping service, it is highly recommended to put your boxes onto a pallet and stack them. It will help simplify handling, ensure shipment protection, and reduce spending. How? Firstly, a pallet of multiple boxes or packages is considered a single piece, so it will eliminate per item cost. Also, it is cheaper to ship several pallets at once instead of moving separate boxes frequently.

Determine your freight class

To simplify the standardization and provide fair freight pricing, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created a set of rules known as “freight classification.” This means every type of freight should be classified with a special NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) code. Classes vary from 50 to 500, and the lower the number is, the cheaper the rate you’ll get. Therefore, choosing the proper freight class impacts shipping costs. Luckily, online shipping services like GoShip.com have automated freight class calculators to make shipping easier for you.

Consider carrier tariffs

The final cost of your shipping is highly affected by the regulations and rules of a certain carrier. Mainly, these tariffs depend on pickup or delivery location. Some destinations are hard to access or remote, and some locations include regional fees and surcharges. You can face additional charges if the lane goes into a big city with highway congestion. It is important to communicate all details about your shipment to help avoid these issues.

Choose a reliable shipping service

Whether a small business owner or an individual shipper, arranging freight transportation can be stressful. However, innovative shipping services like GoShip.com make this process seamless and smooth. With an online shipping solution, you can compare carrier rates head-to-head and choose from a variety of options. You can also book a carrier within a few clicks without dealing with freight brokers. Additional tools like freight class calculators and 24/7 shipment tracking make transportation even easier and more comfortable. Looking for LTL quotes? Get one here!

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