How to Make Furniture Shipping Affordable

Whether you are a furniture manufacturer or just moving pieces of furniture across the country, shipping is as challenging as you make it to be. A DIY-move can be burdensome and expensive, and many manufacturers turn to professional shipping services. A major concern when choosing a shipping partner is how...

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Shipping for Furniture Manufacturers: The Basics

Traditionally, furniture was bought mainly in brick-and-mortar stores and there wasn’t much need for transporting it across the country or across the globe. However, with the pandemic, almost every business had to strengthen up its digital presence because their audience migrated online. Furniture manufacturing and retail are not an exception....

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How To Choose a Furniture Delivery Service

Whether you are choosing furniture for a new house, workplace, or selling furniture pieces, the final step is shipping. Essentially, you want to be confident that your goods will arrive safe and secure. So, it’s important to choose a good shipping company. However, with the wide span of options, choosing...

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