7 Most Common LTL Shipping Mistakes

shipping is an inexpensive way to move goods, and it can be an excellent
logistics solution for
companies that are looking to save money on their shipments. It is important to carefully plan out all of the
components of a shipment, especially when you are trying to avoid unwanted shipping costs.

Here are the most frequent mistakes companies make
when shipping using LTL:

Avoiding insurance

One of the major mistakes companies can often make is
trying to save money on insurance, assuming that they probably won’t be the one
who will face the problem. The thing is, no matter how good the shipping
service is, unpredictable situations can always happen. Dropping the insurance
can lead to spending much more than you would pay for the insurance.

Inaccurate description of the shipment

The weight and
dimensions of the freight define the price of the shipment. Declaring improper
or inaccurate measures may lead to an overestimated
price that could cause
confusion. Make sure all the measurements and numbers are correct to avoid any misconduct and unwanted

Improper packaging

is the shipper’s
responsibility to ensure that the package will make it from point A to point B
without any damages. Whether it is a fragile item or large load, every kind of freight
needs proper packaging
. Make sure to palletize your shipment or provide
enough protection for your
items while they are in transit.

Assuming the shipping date is guaranteed

Many shippers
may think that the delivery date is an imminent deadline and don’t leave room
for possible delays.
There are many unforeseen factors that can impact your shipment’s delivery
time, such as accidents, weather conditions, and other external circumstances.
Before arranging the shipment, make sure to leave some extra time for any possible delays.

Skipping the research of shipping services

If shippers are in a hurry and need to get
their shipment out as soon as possible, many pick
the first available LTL service without any background analysis of the service.
Selecting a wrong or unreliable provider can waste your money and cause stress, so
research remains a crucial part for a successful deal. Keep in mind that the
lowest price is not always the best one. Reading reviews and getting more
about the company would help
you figure out if the service matches your needs

Preparation and good,
organized management can help ensure success and save companies costs on their
shipments. It is important to make sure that you have picked the best LTL
shipping provider, accurately filled in all the documents, provided the correct
data, and supplied the protection of your shipment. These easy and efficient
practices would not only save you money but will keep you calm and confident
about the shipping process as a whole.

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