LTL Shipping Providers: 5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Provider

5 Signs That it’s Time to Change LTL Shipping Providers

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Aug 29, 2018

When is the right time to change your LTL shipping provider? Building important long-lasting relationships with your LTL provider is an important part of maintaining a strong shipping network, but there are numerous signs that will clearly let you know when the time has come to switch.

As a shipper, it’s critical for the handling of your freight and your reputation to know when you have a bad carrier and when to get rid of them.

Late Pickup and Delivery

A good carrier will alert the shipper about the delay, provide the shipper with the location of the truck and its latest ETA, and provide a valid reason for the delay. They will then provide a list of all the options that are available to the shipper in order to deliver the freight ASAP. A bad carrier, however, will do none of these things and will continue to operate consistently behind schedule with various excuses and limited communication.

Freight Claims

It goes without saying that a good LTL provider delivers loads on time, but more importantly, in one piece. Claims are messy, potentially dangerous, legally confusing, expensive, and bad carriers seem to always be have involvement in them. Of course, legitimate claims do happen, and most shippers have a specific and efficient process for dealing with them.

However, bad carriers typically have involvement with more avoidable claims than good carriers, and the reason is simple. Good carriers care about the integrity of the freight they deliver. Bad carriers only care about getting the freight off their truck and receiving payment as soon as possible.


Another well-known fact about good carriers is that they alert their shippers about delays and provide updates to shippers continuously. Good LTL providers arrange alternate delivery options in order to recover freight that may have gotten stuck in transit. Bad carriers simply leave shippers in the dark, and they’re left wondering about the status and integrity of their freight.

Noncompetitive Rates

If your LTL provider isn’t communicating price increases clearly and regularly, you could be left having to pass some of these costs onto your customers. Remember, a sign of a great partner is one that shares the bad news as well as the good and helps you figure out a solution.

Commitment to Capacity

Finally, a good carrier will quote their service to a shipper. Once they come to an agreement with the shipper, the carrier will honor that rate for the agreed time period. Regardless of market shifts or loss of capacity. Bad LTL providers will provide excuses as to why they need to charge the shipper more than the quote for their capacity when the market shifts.

If you’re concerned about any of the issues above, it might be time to reconsider your LTL shipping provider. We here at want to help our customers, so reach out or get a quote today!

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