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4 Tips for Optimizing Your eCommerce Store for Same-Day Deliveries

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Jul 07, 2022

If you own an eCommerce store, optimizing your business for same-day deliveries can be beneficial both to your business and to your customers. This means figuring out how to deliver the product to your customer as quickly as possible without compromising the integrity of the product or providing an inferior shipping experience to your customer. This requires a lot of preparation on behalf of your company’s logistics team, but there are some things you can do in advance to help make sure your business is ready when same-day deliveries become available in your area.

The growing trend of same-day delivery

The same-day delivery market is expected to double in the next three years. According to a survey by Gatepoint Research, 40% of retailers plan to focus on this as one of their key priorities for 2022. As reported by the Bringg Barometer, as of 2022, most retailers (about 99%) intend to offer this service within three years. While customers desire fast delivery as shown by the recent opening of fast-delivery grocers and ride-sharing agreements with Uber Eats and DoorDash, profitably accomplishing this in an ever-changing market has proved challenging. Many business owners need to consider the initial process now as well. Here are four tips you can follow to get ready for this major change.

Determine Customer Demand

As more online shoppers have started to purchase same-day delivery, the demand for it has continued to increase. It’s important to assess your demand before choosing same-day delivery. Do you offer items that customers require as soon as possible, such as last-minute gifts or groceries? How often are customers requesting for same-day shipping? Additionally, do you have the warehouse space to accommodate for same-day delivery to a specific place? Before you increase the demand for goods, it’s essential to investigate your current capacity and what delivery methods you have in place.

Be mindful that same-day delivery will be successful when customers are all located in one or more larger metro areas where you have a facility. This means that goods will only be traveling a short distance and you can keep carrier fees down. If your customer base is spread out over a large region, same-day delivery is likely not feasible for your business. If your customers are spread out over rural regions a long way from your warehouses or major transportation routes, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to make a same-day delivery.

Incorporate Distributed Order Management Systems

To successfully offer same-day delivery to your customers, you need a centralized system that oversees the entire process. Customers purchase from different channels in your business, making a distributed order management system critical. Integrated distributed order management systems give a big picture view of inventory, orders, and shipments so you can keep an eye on the status of products from production to delivery. Using DOMS also provides the ability to measure inventory in real time. If one product is selling more quickly than anticipated, you can quickly reorder it. DOMS also help meet consumer demand by ensuring there’s enough workers at each fulfillment center on any given day.

Don’t Be Afraid of Price Hikes

The same day shipping cost can be a drawback for many companies, particularly for those that are smaller in size. Asking the carrier to fulfill the order the same day it is requested comes at a cost. Even though it doesn’t mean the package will be delivered on the same day as the pickup, it can’t hurt to ask. Calling same day shipping and same day delivery the same thing is a big mistake.

It is possible to use expenses as additional sources of revenue. Customers often understand there will be an increased shipping fee when they request same-day delivery. It’s not your responsibility to take the loss by selling through this method. If it’s going to cost you extra, charge s more than you’re spending to turn it into a profitable enterprise. Without doing this, no business that offers same day shipping would be profitable.

Think About Delivery Methods

Of course, if you want your package delivered sooner, you should enlist the help of a courier. Courier services are companies specializing in getting packages from point A to point B, on time, and in proper condition. While USPS, UPS, and FedEx do offer courier services, they are not the only companies in the game.

Good news, though. You don’t need to find couriers in every region of the world. Instead, find a fulfillment company that can easily connect with courier networks. This will help to provide you with international shipping options to make your customers’ lives easier.

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