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3 Tips on How to Get the Best Full Truckload Quotes

For small business owners who wear many hats, it may be complicated to navigate the truckload freight shipping process, especially when it comes to finding the best quotes. While it might seem complicated, a good truckload shipping strategy can improve your customer satisfaction, save costs, and increase business efficiency. Getting accurate truckload quotes is a stepping stone towards more reasonable spending and a smooth shipping process.

How to get the best truckload quotes

1. Learn the basics

To find the best rates for your shipments, it’s important to understand how the freight quoting process works. Many different factors affect truckload rates like shipment volume, mileage, lane, seasonality, carrier, etc. It’s also crucial to understand the different types of rates: spot and contract rates.  Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, you’ll be able to spot a competitive rate from an outrageous one.

2. Know your shipment

Knowing how what you’re trying to ship factors into the shipping rate is a crucial part of shipping efficiency. Rates can vary wildly, not only because of what is being shipped, but also because of the mileage, destination, lane, current market capacity, and seasonality of the shipment. If you’re able to figure those details out ahead of time, you can prepare yourself for the quoting process.

3. Use professional platforms

Becoming a pro at negotiating the best rates comes with a lot of practice and extensive industry knowledge, which is often an unnecessary hardship for businesses. There are professional services with expertise to find the best truckload quotes for your company. In an online digital platform like GoShip.com, you can find available carriers and compare rates in a matter of seconds. Our convenient online calculator lets you find any option upon your business requests.

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