3 Key Benefits of Truckload Freight Shipping

The trucking industry accounts for almost 70% of freight tonnage moved throughout the U.S. Altogether, the truck market in the U.S. alone is worth more than $700 billion. Speaking facts, full truckload freight generates 85% of the entire trucking industry revenue.

Both private and for-hire fleets keep the transportation industry running, and serve as the main transportation mode for thousands of companies.

Nothing to wonder about, as truckload shipping benefits shippers regardless of the industry and company size. Truckload freight shipping refers to moving full containers of freight.

Full truckload can best benefit shippers who have more than 10,000 pounds, or more than 10 pallets of freight to transport. There is a rule of thumb in FTL: the bigger the freight volume, the more cost-efficient it becomes.

What are the benefits of full truckload shipping?


In full truckload, the entire truck capacity, and the driver, are committed to your freight. This means there are no extra stops during transportation, which makes truckload transit time shorter than other methods. Also, truckload shipping deadlines are usually more precise that in LTL. If your shipments are time-sensitive or headed to only one destination, truckload shipping will work for you.


Since truckload pricing is mostly based on mileage, it can be cost-efficient. The more you ship, the lower the cost per pound is, regardless of the freight type. Often, FTL can even become more economical than LTL shipping.


There are no in-between stops while the truck is on the road, which means less freight handling. This significantly reduces the chances of freight damage, loss or theft, which often happens while unloading at intermediate docks.

When to use full truckload freight shipping?

Despite truckload freight shipping being the most common and in-demand transportation mode, it is not perfect for every shipper. Before leveraging all the benefits of FTL, make sure it is the right option for you. Full truckload freight will benefit you in the following cases:

  • You have more than 10,000 pounds of goods to ship
  • Your freight is time-sensitive
  • Your shipment goes long-distance

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