GoShip’s range of FTL and LTL services across a network of more than 50,000 carriers makes shipping your industrial equipment simpler. Industrial logistics is a complex process that requires a lot of planning and organization. As shown from the experience, it can be hard to move such equipment without a dependable shipping partner. 

Typically, industrial goods include oversized construction equipment, heavy machinery parts, steel items, or manufacturing equipment, all of which can be difficult to move without the right carrier network. With the largest flatbed network in America right at your fingertips, GoShip makes shipping your industrial equipment effortless.  

What is equipment shipping? 

Shipping heavy items like large equipment, machinery, vehicles, or auto parts can be quite challenging.  Whether you’re shipping a car to another state, or regularly transport commercial vehicles or equipment, it is crucial to find a proper shipping partner. You also need to choose convenient freight insurance and apply the best practices for a smooth shipping experience.  

Any shipment, that exceeds size limits and requires dimensional flexibility can be considered a heavy shipment. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, cranes, forklifts, large auto parts, and similar items all fall under the category of equipment and machinery. In the United States, wide or oversize freight is a load that is wider than 8.5 feet (2.59 meters).

The maximum permissible load width is 8.5 feet (102 inches), the max allowed height is 102 inches, and the legal length is usually 48 to 53 feet. If a load weighs more than 46,000, it is considered oversized, too. 

GoShip offers heavy equipment and machinery shipping services as we work with flatbed carriers across the US. If you need to ship any industrial equipment or machinery, you can rely on GoShip for convenient transportation.  

Cost to ship heavy equipment 

Shipping heavy and large materials is always a hassle, but with GoShip’s quoting feature, shipping has never been easier. Some of the factors that affect the price of shipping are the number of materials being shipping, the weight and dimensions of the materials, the destination, and the shipping service you choose. The easiest way to find out how much a shipment would cost is to fill out the Get a Quote form and find prices from a variety of carriers that best fit your budget.  

Machinery transport 

The logistics industry covers many different verticals, from steel and manufacturing to shipping food and beverages. Machinery transport falls under a slightly different category which the logistics industry refers to as specialized freight shipping. Typically, machinery transport is popular among industrial businesses such as oil and gas, mining, metal manufacturing, and more.  

Whether you are buying construction equipment or selling agriculture equipment, GoShip can provide the means for shipping your heavy load. Backhoes, excavators, tractors – shipping construction equipment, and agriculture equipment are possible with this type of service, which GoShip conveniently provides. In the next two sections, we will dive into the essentials of machinery shipping and connect you with the specialized carrier.  

Construction equipment shipping

The construction industry has a complicated supply chain and logistics network with many moving parts. Equipment shipping aims to transport large items, machinery, and other construction materials and supplies. 

Our platform can help you lessen the burden with just a few quick clicks of a button! Using our quick and easy Get a Quote tool, you can choose from many shipment quotes for full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in seconds. You may wonder which option may be best for you, well we’ve got you covered! 

At GoShip, our experienced carriers can move your machinery and raw materials to and from your construction sites. For your large machinery, we offer services such as our large item shipping for LTL and FTL shipments. If your piece of machinery is between 20,000lbs to 45,000lbs, we recommend our FTL shipping services.

Our LTL shipping services may be the best option for you if you are shipping smaller machinery or other construction materials below 20,000lbs. We also offer international shipping services between the United States and Canada to meet all your shipping needs.

Agriculture equipment shipping

Shipping farm equipment, such as tractors and agricultural machinery, is considered specialized shipping. GoShip has the largest network of carriers in the US that specialize in flatbed and oversized freight. Oversized loads will cost more because they are larger and heavier. They also require additional services such as extra vehicles and reliable insurance.  

You will need to prepare your tractor or farming equipment for transport. Here are some steps you can take to ensure safe delivery: 

  • Drain any extra fuel. This will reduce the freight weight thus reducing the shipping costs.  
  • Remove all loose parts or secure parts that may become loose during transport.  
  • Remove attachments and ship them separately. It’s especially important to do this with oversized equipment. This will make shipping safer and cheaper.  
  • Plan out load and unloading strategy. Will you be able to drive the farming equipment onto the truck or does it require a crane? Planning will reduce loading and delivery time and you’ll become shipper carriers will you want to work with again.

When you are ready, get a free quote in less than 30 seconds. GoShip will take care of all your farming equipment shipping needs. We can ship small tractors and oversized harvesters and everything in between. See how much you can save when you get wholesale prices. 

Automotive equipment shipping 

Whether you’re moving doors or hoods, panels or plastic moldings, shocks or coil springs, bumpers or grills, full transmissions, or anything in between, automotive shipping is a challenging task for shippers. For that reason, it’s critical to find a suitable carrier. 

With a sprawling range of sizes, weights, and dimensions, auto parts might find their way into LTL or FTL shipments, into dry vans, or onto flatbeds, moving via parcel or via freight. Combine this mess of variables with high-value shipments that are often fragile, inconsistently shaped, and susceptible to damage, and you need a pre-vetted, reliable carrier for your auto parts shipments

Fortunately, GoShip works with a professional, reliable network of local, regional, and global carriers that have been pre-vetted and sport a robust background in automotive shipping. We assist with any paperwork, freight tracking, insurance, and handling freight claims.  

While GoShip can take care of your automotive parts once they’re ready to move, it’s on you to get them ready to move. To set your shipment up for success, make sure you: 

  • Choose the right packaging. Protecting your freight is important, and auto parts often need extra padding, sturdier packaging, and consideration for their weight. 
  • Clean and empty lubricants before shipping. No matter carrier quality, freight gets jostled on the road. You don’t want oil leaking everywhere or a loose particle to scratch pristine surfaces. 
  • Disassemble and individually pack components. Don’t let the movement during transit put the weight on easily broken parts. 

Best way to ship large car parts

When it comes to shipping large auto parts, you have two main options: full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL). Ultimately though, if you are not familiar with the complexities of auto part transport, it is best to turn to professionals. GoShip grants you access to more than 50,000 FTL and LTL carriers so your specific auto part transportation needs are sure to be met!  

Because auto parts are often fragile or prone to other types of damage such as rusting, it is crucial to choose adequate protective packaging. This will save you money in the long run on filing freight claims for damaged items. You will want to disassemble parts and drain any liquids before packing them separately. 

Additional protection such as wrapping or taping may also be helpful to enhance safety. Crates are the most common and dependable type of packaging. Stacking your goods onto pallets is also beneficial due to their ease of moving and solid protection. 

The price of shipping your auto parts is highly variable depending on many factors. They include origin and destination, dimensions, weight, type of auto transport service, and seasonality. Shipping auto parts can be quite costly at times. However, GoShip can come up with a working shipping solution at a reasonable price. We will connect you with the right carriers for your specific auto transport needs. 

Auto parts shipping to Canada 

Apart from domestic shipping services regarding machinery and equipment, GoShip can also help you ship your heavy shipments to and from Canada. Shipping from Canada to the U.S. has many steps and intricate details to have a successful shipment. GoShip is here to help you with an ultimate guide on how to ship to Canada and help break down the complicated details. 

Every shipment that goes to or from Canada requires a customs brokerage service. The broker is liable for your cargo clearance while crossing the Canadian border and for completing the customs procedures. Businesses that have already shipped goods to Canada usually have their own customs broker, but GoShip works with a reliable customs brokerage service and can recommend a professional broker for you.