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Booking a shipment doesn’t have to be difficult, and shipping platforms like help simplify the process through our wide network of reputable carriers and negotiated rates. With’s freight class calculator, you’ll get access to the lowest LTL quote in no time!

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LTL Quotes Just Got Easier

When you get an LTL quote from, you can compare freight rates from thousands of carriers to see which rate is the best for your shipment. handles the payment and provides users with an online bill of lading (BOL), so you’ll never have to stress while shipping your goods. Less than truckload freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult, so it is important to understand how to ship it the most cost-effective and practical way. Here are a few tips to help you through the LTL freight shipping process.

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How to Get an LTL Quote with

Getting an accurate LTL quote doesn’t have to be difficult. With, you can get an LTL quote in no time with these easy steps:

Choose your shipping mode

We provide both full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping, so you can choose whether your shipment needs an FTL or LTL quote.

Provide origin and destination information

Enter your zip codes along with the location types. We ship to residences, commercial facilities, construction sites, airports, etc. To make sure the shipping process goes smoothly, please make sure to include the accurate addresses and location types. also ships freight to and from Canada!

Tell us what you’re shipping

How many items are you shipping? What are you shipping? A couch? Three pallets of bricks? Let us know! State the number of your items, and include accurate dimensions. Also, don’t forget to provide the correct shipment weight, condition, and value. You will also have to choose the type of packaging for your freight: pallets, crates, boxes, etc. We offer additional services such as inside delivery or a lift-gate, so you can pick either of these options too!

Get the lowest LTL quotes with the fastest transit times

With, you’re in control. Once you have provided all of the accurate information, you get a list of the available freight carrier, their rates, and transit times. The final rate depends on many factors, such as freight density, weight, dimensions, accessorials, freight class, etc. Choose your LTL quote, and proceed to payment.


We ensure your safety and security through our secure website. We partner with PayFabric – a reliable and secure cloud-based payment processing platform . We accept all credit cards with a U.S. billing address. You can be confident and have peace of mine with the secure and quick transfers in our platform!

Why Choose for an LTL Quote?

We’re fast and easy to use

We are an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable shipping platform. Our platform can make the shipping process and getting an LTL quote as simple as possible for you. We provide the lowest possible LTL quotes and connect you with experienced and trusted carriers to ensure your freight will be delivered on-time. Also, our innovative tools and the self-service system will save you time, and make shipping seamless.

We simplify your life

With our platform, you don’t have to interact with a freight broker or wait for an LTL quote. Our concept is to make your life easier, and that’s why we offer instant LTL freight quotes and shipment bookings within a few clicks. Within, you have access to 24/7 shipment tracking and regular updates on your shipment without any extra manual operations.

We have the capacity you need has a wide network of trusted carriers, so you always have a choice and necessary capacity. We offer both full truckload and less than truckload shipping, so whether you need to move a few pallets or a full truck, we’re here to help. Our professional carriers can ship dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, and LTL. The diversity of carriers and reliable relationships lets us get the lowest rates for you!

We can help you with shipping anything

Another great point of is that it’s a helpful solution for individual shippers and businesses. If you have a retail business or just want to ship an appliance, we make it easy for everyone!

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