4 Tips For Accurately Measuring Freight Weight Without A Scale

Tips To Measure Weight Without a Scale 

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Mar 28, 2023

To receive an accurate quote, you must include the specific weight of your shipment. But what if you do not have access to a scale large enough to measure the weight of your freight? Or, what if the items you are shipping do not fit on the scale? Don’t worry! Be creative; there are other ways to calculate the weight.  

Below on four tips to measure weight to receive an accurate quote.  

Review manufacturer specifications  

Manufacturers are the best source of information on their products. Their websites and user manuals should list a great deal of information, such as product weights. If their website or manual does not include that information, a simple phone call to the company should provide the answers you are looking for.  

Go Back to the Basics  

You have options if you do not have a large enough scale to measure your item’s weight and the manufacturer does not include weight specs to help you determine the shipment weight. You can weigh the raw materials the products are made from. This method may be tedious, but it will get you an accurate number. At the end of the day, a precise number helps you avoid additional costs if the weight is off.  

Doing the Math  

Let’s say you are shipping several of the same item. If you can figure out what one of the items weighs by using one of the above methods or using a non-freight scale, some simple math will help! Just multiply the weight of one item by the number of items you are shipping. Just like that, you will know how much your shipment weighs.  

Remember the Packaging Materials  

Do not forget that the weight of all packaging needs to be included in your final shipment weight. Additionally, keep in mind that a standard 48×48-inch pallet can weigh up to 50 pounds. When calculating weight, make sure to add 50 pounds for each 48×48-inch pallet. Forgetting the pallet weight in your total weight could result in a significantly higher freight bill, harming your bottom line.  


Calculating the correct weight is vital. Entering the wrong weight will undoubtedly cost your company additional fees that will affect your bottom line. With the above tips, you will get a more accurate quote for your shipment, even without a freight scale.  

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