The Most Common Freight Shipping Challenges and How to Fix Them

When you need to ship goods, there are many common shipping challenges that can present themselves. Without the right knowledge, overcoming those challenges can be tough. Luckily, can help alleviate those issues for you.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common shipping challenges and how to fix them:


Your business is only as strong as your people. As the logistics industry expands and becomes more complex, so does the knowledge needed to manage logistics from within. It’s important to build a strong team knowledgeable about industry trends and developing relationships to run your operations. At, we can be that person for you.

Carrier Selection

With so many carrier options, how do you decide which is the best one to use? It’s best to understand your shipment’s requirements first, then research carriers to ensure they’re able to handle your type of shipment. Not all carriers are created equal, some are better than others depending on your freight shipping needs. Also, it’s wise to review past experiences with that carrier so you can have peace of mind when using them for your LTL shipping.

Finding the best rate

There are many factors that contribute to the shipping costs associated with your freight. Your pickup and destination ZIP codes determine the distance, and usually, further distances cost more. The size and weight of your item will vary the cost as well. An item that is light and relatively small will cost less than an item that is large and heavy. Make sure to also factor in any additional services, they contribute to your total cost.


Always make sure you properly fill out any forms required for your shipment. If you’re shipping internationally, it’s crucial to have your customs form filled out correctly. Make sure to secure the bill of lading on your freight and review it to ensure the information is correct before shipping. Additionally, understand what the freight class is for what is being shipped. If you are unsure of your freight class, it will be estimated based on the dimensions and weight provided.

Planning ahead

Understanding when you need your freight delivered is important. It’s important to plan ahead, especially during holidays or when there’s potential for bad weather. Otherwise, you may experience a delay in delivery. Your carrier knows the importance of on-time delivery and they will do their best to stay on schedule. At, we are the middle-man between you and the carriers. Our goal is to make your life easier, and we’re one less person to hire. We are up to date on all industry trends and adjust strategy accordingly, so you don’t have to. reviews carrier qualifications and matches you with only the most qualified carriers for your specific shipment. We make comparing rates easy by pulling from our vast carrier network and showing you hundreds of rates side by side. Ready for your shipment? Get your Free Quote now and start shipping with ease!

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