Benefits of LTL for Small Business Shipping

As a small business owner, you’re already accustomed to working with fewer resources than your larger competitors. Yet when it comes to shipping large items, the problem is that you have too much — too much empty space in a trailer, that is. Small businesses that have to ship larger items often find themselves in a bind because the items are too large to use a parcel shipper such as UPS or FedEx. That’s why it’s beneficial to use lighter-than-truckload (LTL) for small business shipping needs. In many cases, small businesses find themselves paying for an entire trailer that is only half-full. As a result, they either have to take the unnecessary cost out of their bottom line or pass it to their customers. There’s an option of which you may not be aware — less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. LTL for small business shipping needs involves palletized shipments that don’t fill an entire truckload. LTL can be the best shipping for small businesses because it ensures your shipments will get where they need to go quickly and cost-effectively.

Here are the 4 top reasons why LTL for Small Business Shipping is the best service for your logistics needs:

Faster Delivery

Because LTL shipments don’t fill an entire trailer, there are fewer details to worry about in transit, such as weigh-ins or frequent stops. That means, your shipment reaches its destination faster.

Safer transport

LTL shippers give items more care than full-truckload shippers, by and large. Smaller shipments also mean LTL shippers can devote more attention to protecting items in transit, avoiding the damage that often occurs when shipping items in a full truckload.

Easier to track

LTL shippers provide customers with modern tracking technology to keep tabs on their shipments no matter where they are. This provides you with peace of mind knowing where your items are at every step.

More cost-effective

LTL shipping saves small businesses a lot of money since they don’t have to hire an entire semitrailer for their shipments. With LTL for small business shipping, your palletized shipment is placed on a truck with shipments from other small businesses. This means you’re only paying for the space on the truck that you’re actually using for your shipment, and other businesses are paying for their own. You’ll never have to spend a single cent more than you need. What’s more, LTL shippers often offer value-added services that you would never expect to receive from a full-truckload shipper. These may include inside delivery, notification prior to delivery, or freeze protection.

Many of these services are available at either a flat rate or based on your shipment’s weight. Small businesses are used to having to do more with less. That’s precisely how LTL shipping can help you save money on your logistics needs. As an expert in LTL freight with an extensive network of LTL carriers, can help you find the one that can meet your needs. Learn more about our LTL for Small Business Shipping services or get a free quote now!