Best Practices for Managing Your Cold Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is a critical part of the global supply chain ecosystem, as it is the primary way of distributing perishables like food and medicine. In fact, reefers, or refrigerated trucks, handle 90% of all food distributed through the US. With the produce season quickly approaching and the massive rollout...

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Shipping Produce: Best Practices for Produce Shipping Season

Winter is known to be a harvesting season, and springtime traditionally marks the start of the fresh produce shipping season. Most fruit and vegetable farmers and importers start to look for the capacity to distribute their products across the country when the demand for fresh produce greatly increases. Grocery stores,...

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What Is Refrigerated Shipping and How Does It Work?

What is refrigerated shipping? Refrigerated (or reefer) shipping and trucking is the transportation method of moving temperature-controlled goods. In reefer shipping, freight is loaded and transported in trailers with built-in refrigeration systems and climate control. Refrigerated shipping plays an important role in the global economy since it’s the only way...

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