How to Ship Heavy Equipment

Shipping heavy items like large equipment, machinery, or auto parts can be quite challenging. Before diving into the heavy equipment shipping process, you should understand the intricacies of shipping heavy equipment. Whether you’re shipping auto parts to another state, or regularly transport heavy commercial equipment, it is crucial to choose...

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3 Tips On How To Ship Flatbed Freight

Flatbed shipping can offer many benefits over the other freight shipping types, especially if your cargo is of unusual shape or dimensions. Whether it’s a vehicle, heavy equipment, or another similar load, it will qualify best for flatbed shipping. However, there are some intricacies in flatbed shipping that you need...

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What Is Flatbed Shipping?

If you have ever wanted to ship large or oversized items, you may have heard about flatbed shipping. It can be a beneficial solution for industrial shippers, as well for individual shipments of large objects that are too big for LTL shipping. What is flatbed shipping? Flatbed shipping is a...

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