7 Expert Tips For A Successful Office Relocation

7 Steps For a Successful Office Relocation

Posted on:
Dec 12, 2023

Office relocation can be a nightmare for some companies. How will you continue to do business while you are moving? How will you pack, move and unload all of the office materials? The key to a successful office move is to have a plan from start to finish.

Most office moves are planned six months to two years in advance, so it is important to start developing a moving plan as soon as you can.  Creating a detailed project plan can be very helpful in helping smooth out the moving process. If you aren’t sure how to get started on creating a plan for your move, follow the steps below to help you.

Step One: Decide Who is in Charge

Give one person the responsibility to serve as the “in-office move coordinator.” This can be very beneficial in communicating updates to employees and overseeing every aspect of the move. This individual should be someone with exceptional organizational skills and the authority to make decisions and manage decisions that come with the move.

Step Two: Pick a Team

The moving team will help in assisting the move coordinator to make sure everything gets accomplished and nothing gets forgotten. The team should be responsible for listing moving tasks, assigning responsibilities and setting target dates for the move.

Step Three: Develop a Timeline

Once your company selects a moving date, you can start ironing out all of the details that need to happen in order to relocate to your new office. Whenever you are creating a timeline, make sure to include time for de-cluttering the office and getting everything set up in the new office. Add buffer time for any technical difficulties that might slow the moving process.

Step Four: Create a Budget

Your relocation budget will depend on upgrades to equipment, furniture, the overall size of the new office and moving insurance.

Step Five: Plan Your New Office

This is where you will begin to plan out what your office will look like and how it will be set up. You will need to plan for how many employees you will have, how much equipment you will have and any other addition to the new office you are planning on implementing.

Step Six: Notify Your Current Service Providers

It is very important to let your service providers know that you are planning on moving. This includes:

  • Post office and shipping service (for your new address)
  • Any subscription services you receive (magazines, newsletters, newspapers)
  • Relevant government departments
  • Telephone and data providers
  • Utilities
  • Printing companies

Step Seven: Notify Your Customers and Clients

If your customers visit your location, make sure to let your customers know that you are relocating. If customers don’t normally come to your office, they still may need to know that you are moving because of possible delays in service or communications.

An effective moving plan is a key to keeping your office organized and updated throughout an office move, and a successful office relocation requires meticulous planning, strategic packing, and choosing the right shipping partner. GoShip stands out as an invaluable resource in this process, offering comprehensive solutions for every aspect of office moving. If you need help shipping your items to your new office location, contact GoShip.com for a LTL quote today!

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