How to Properly File a Freight Claim in Case of Freight Damage

In the diverse and ever-changing world of freight shipping, accidents happen. Freight damage is a pain for any shipper, especially when you discover it after receiving goods. However, the process of receiving a refund can be easy and not as stressful as many can imagine it.

Regardless of how good your shipping service is, and how experienced the carrier moving your cargo is, there are still circumstances out of our control. Natural disasters, weather conditions, or other freight damage can occur while the shipment is in transit. If you’re a small business owner or an individual shipper, you’ll most likely deal with freight damage at a certain point, if you haven’t yet. has prepared a short guide with steps you should take in order to claim the damage.

Check your freight upon delivery

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your cargo while the driver is still at your facility. Once you’ve noticed any kind of visible damage, take pictures for documentation and declare the damage on the bill of lading.

Don’t throw away the package

If you have unpacked your freight and noticed the damage, don’t get rid of it. The shipping service or consignee may decide to inspect the freight, and the package can help to determine the causes of damage.

File the claim

If you’re using an online shipping service, they must have freight claim form or process on their website. Make sure to provide accurate information as well as the following documents:

  • Bill of lading
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Repair estimate (if your goods are repairable)
  • Pictures of the damage

Once you’ve stated all the needed data and paperwork, submit the claim in accordance with the carrier’s instructions.

Wait for the solution

You’ve finished the active stage of reporting damage, and the only thing left is to wait for a response.

We can’t control some circumstances, but we certainly can prevent the consequences. To avoid claim rejection and therefore losing money, it’s better to play it safe and buy shipment insurance. At, we provide reliable freight insurance by our partner Falvey Insurance Group. You can read more about the importance of freight insurance here.