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How to Handle Freight Damage

Whether you are shipping an appliance to another state or regularly ship commercial freight, errors happen. At some point in your shipping experience, you may find yourself dealing with freight damage or loss. While it is not a pleasant thing to handle, you can minimize the frustration of shipment damage. Regardless of the reasons, whether it’s frequent handling, weather, or anything else, there are ways to keep your freight protected. How to Deal With Freight Damage Inspect the shipment It is the first and the most crucial step in dealing with shipment damage. Before you sign the Proof of Delivery (POD), thoroughly check your freight for visible and concealed damage. You have the right to take time and inspect freight properly. If needed, take off the pallets or crates. If you have recognized shipment damage, take detailed pictures of it. The carrier will require the images of shipment damage. Make notes about the damage on the bill of lading. Also, it’s important to keep the original packaging as additional proof. Communicate the damage The sooner you let your carrier and freight broker know about the damage, the better. If you have spotted severe visible damage upon the delivery, let the carrier know immediately. You can clarify the amount of the carrier’s liability, or file for a freight claim later. Nonetheless, quick communication makes the refund process much faster and easier. File a freight claim Once you have decided that your freight was damaged enough to file a freight claim, you can start the filing process. Keep in mind that the claim will be handled by an insurance company or through your shipping provider. That means you should still pay the freight bill, and keep all the documents, images, proofs, and packaging. The more intact your freight shipment is, the easier it will be to prove the carrier liable for the damage. It is easier to deal with freight damage when you have a reliable shipping partner by your side. With, you can be confident that your freight is properly covered. We offer full-value freight insurance and a smooth claims process. Need to file a freight claim? Click here.

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