Covid-19 Pandemic Communication with Customers

Communicate with Customers in Terms of Coronavirus Logistics

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Mar 25, 2020

The unexpected wave of the coronavirus is affecting the world’s economy beyond belief, causing business owners to panic. Developing a solid coronavirus logistics strategy is critical to ensuring goods delivery during the pandemic.

Coronavirus logistics

Certain businesses that were most affected, like restaurants, bars, catering, etc., have already started laying off their workforce. It is a massive challenge for both employees and small businesses. However, the freezing period does not necessarily mean it is over for your business. Right now, one of the most critical orders is communicating the pandemic situation and properly maintaining coronavirus logistics.

How do you communicate with customers in terms of coronavirus logistics?

Create an emergency plan

Regardless of the size of your business, it is vital to give a response to the critical situation. Many companies are forced to shut down, but this doesn’t mean it is over for you. Sit down with your team and develop a coronavirus logistics plan. Where can you cut costs? Which areas of your business will be most affected? Are there any opportunities to find and use in a time of crisis?

Restaurants and cafés were the first to be affected and forced to close from the coronavirus spreading. Still, many found a solution: leave drive-throughs open, serve takeout, or provide doorstep delivery. Try to analyze every branch of your business and make decisions considering a long-term perspective. The storm will end, but you need workers, customers, and your company.

Communicate honestly with your customers

Crashing is the last thing you want your customers to see as a business. While you must make challenging decisions to stay on the market, keeping your customers in the loop is essential. Give them quick and precise updates on how your regular operations have changed: schedule, location, alternative service options, etc.

The best thing you can do is present the new working model under which you will be operating. It’s equally important to reassure your audience that they will still have the same quality and service. Your customers are confused, and figuring out their needs can still open a window for you to serve them differently.

Develop special offers and discounts

Special offers do not necessarily mean desperately selling out all of your products. Remember that thousands of people in quarantine are bored and crave entertainment. It is a great time to implement a coronavirus logistics strategy: provide e-gift cards, build an online communication strategy, etc.

Coronavirus logistics with GoShip

In this challenging time, GoShip still ships your freight with the highest quality of service. We have ensured our employees’ safety so we can fulfill your shipping needs as usual. We can help you operate in terms of coronavirus logistics at the most affordable rates.

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