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How to Avoid Accessorial Charges in Freight Shipping?

Freight shipping can be a simple and positive experience… when you know the fundamentals of the process. However, even experienced shippers sometimes make small errors that can cost them a budget, customers, or business relationships. You might get accessorial charges to your freight when you state uncertain or inaccurate shipment information. Following some simple steps will reduce the likelihood of this experience and save you money.

What is an accessorial charge?

An accessorial charge is an additional fee to the freight carrier’s shipper when additional services are beyond the standard pick-up and delivery. Basically, freight fees are the price for the extra effort the freight carrier takes to handle your freight. Therefore, the less work you leave for the carrier, you will likely avoid surprise fees.

What is the reason for accessorial freight charges?

Provide accurate information

The first step to avoiding misunderstanding and overpaying is stating the correct shipment information. Ensure accurate dimensions, weight, and other load characteristics affect your final shipment cost. Another important aspect is providing an accurate address and mentioning as many delivery details as possible.

Be aware of additional services

Most of the time, accessorial fees are charged for additional services. There are many extra services carriers can provide; if you don’t pre-arrange them, they will charge you later. Lift gate service, limited access delivery, inside delivery, hazardous material shipping, and others are all considered extra. So if you need your shipment picked up or delivered to a remote location, or you need equipment when loading freight, make sure to discuss these details with the carrier. Surprising the driver with any extra services can result in shipment cancellation.

Prepare your shipment on time

Due to restricted hours-of-service (HOS) rules for drivers, there is reduced waiting time on shipping docks. Once the pickup time and date are scheduled, make sure to pack and fully prepare your freight for loading and be on time. This will not only save your budget but also strengthen your reputation as a reliable shipper to work with.

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