GoShip Donates to CDC Foundation with Customer Support

PITTSBURGH (June 15, 2020) – GoShip.com, a digital freight shipping platform, donated 100% of profits during the months of April and May to the CDC Foundation.

With the help of its customers, GoShip.com donated a five-figure amount to the CDC Foundation to help aid in relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. GoShip.com offered users 15% off during both April and May to help small businesses save on shipments and continue operations at a reduced cost.

The promo code allowed customers to receive a discount while giving back to a greater cause. Ramesh Chalapalli, Director of Product at GoShip.com, said that he is proud to be able to make a difference and give back. “We know that many small businesses and individuals were hurting during the pandemic and are still hurting, so it was important to us that we did our part in showing support for not only them, but the CDC Foundation as well,” Chalapalli said.

“We are very thankful for our customers who shipped with us during April and May to help with this cause.” GoShip.com’s donation to the CDC Foundation will help support medical supplies, increasing lab capacity, deploying emergency staffing to U.S. public health agencies, and more. GoShip.com plans to continue to serve both its customers and the community in future initiatives.

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