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5 Logistics Trends to Watch for in 2023

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Dec 22, 2022

The logistics industry constantly evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s global economy. With the hurdles of 2022 behind us, here are logistics trends 2023 you can expect in the coming year.

Environmental Regulations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set some regulations to control the greenhouse emissions of commercial trucks. Although these rules apply to diesel locomotives of all types, they are especially vital if your business relies heavily on freight shipping. A more recent regulation, issued by the International Maritime Organization in 2020, caps the greenhouse emissions of freight ships at 0.5%–2% lower than its former level of 3.5%.

In a bid to protect the planet by enforcing corporate social responsibility, environmental regulations for commercial institutions keep getting more and more stringent. In March this year, the SEC passed a new mandate requiring all public companies to fully disclose their climate-related information.

As a business owner, keeping an eye on this logistics trend concerning the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your logistics solutions will do you a world of good. The future, as they say, is green.

Rising diesel prices

While we are already seeing a spike in prices due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is a chance that prices might rise even higher in the future to curb greenhouse emissions. Of course, this price increase will result in costlier logistics services, which could lead to a spike in operational expenses.

Some of the ways you can get ahead of these raised prices and cut costs include:

  • Automating some manual processes, if possible
  • Accurately synchronizing and timing order pick-ups to avoid wasting carrier space
  • Optimizing your shipping routes
  • Entrusting your logistics processes to a professional freight company.

Automation and AI for Flexible Logistics Strategies

It is no secret that automation and artificial intelligence are permeating every aspect of production. Keeping up with this logistics trend and integrating it into your logistics management will not only allow your business to stay relevant but also make the packaging and shipping process more efficient for you.

Gone are the days when automation was something only bigwig corporations could afford. With today’s ubiquitous logistics software, you can organize your inventory, procure packaging materials, send out shipping notices, and create packing lists by tapping just a few buttons.

Transparency through Blockchain

The blockchain can be seen as a digital database that securely distributes information to all participating parties. The creation of Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, popularized the technology in 2013. However, financial services are not the only use cases for blockchain technology. It can also be used to foster transparency in the supply chain through end-to-end tracking from the point of production to the distribution site.

With this technology, you can improve the traceability of all levels in your business’s supply chain. Additionally, you can automate the process, eliminating the need for excessive paperwork and human input. Because anything shared on the blockchain is resistant to tampering, your team can share every stage in the supply chain directly there, even when your personal information is involved.

Cybercriminals ramping up

A recent study projects that cybercrime will cost the world up to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 if left unchecked. 43% of cybercrime attacks are aimed at small businesses, and only very few are equipped to fight them.

When dealing with customers, you want to assure them that their data and transactions are safe with you. Additionally, you want to ensure that you will never be intercepted by a malicious third party. If you run your online business, the only way to do this is by taking active steps to shield your online presence from cyber-attacks.

How to prevent cyber risk?

Navigating the world of cyber security can be challenging, especially for small business owners. Fortunately, implementing effective security measures doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are ways you can protect your company from cyber attacks in 2023:

  • Install firewall software for the operating systems of all the devices your business uses
  • Always update your software
  • Create secure backups of all indispensable data
  • Only use payment platforms with end-to-end encryption
  • Educate your employees about the importance of cyber security and how they can stay alert.

Morphing of Retail and Distribution Supply Chains

For reasons ranging from the high prices of inputs to the current pandemic and ever-evolving customer needs, distributors and business owners can expect to encounter difficulties when delivering goods to consumers in 2023. Meeting the customer’s expectations for delivery time is vital to retaining loyalty. In turn, small businesses must rethink their distribution networks and fine-tune them to enhance efficiency.

Normalizing of Carrier Cycles

As customers are demanding even faster delivery speeds, 2023 logistics trends might bring with it the normalization of carrier cycles. Or what some call cargo bikes. Although they’ve always been an option, they are one of those small business trends that only became popular recently when sellers needed to get innovative to compete with the lightning-fast delivery speeds of industry giants like Amazon. Carrier cycles complete less-than-truckload (LTL shipping USA) shipments in almost half the time it takes an average freight truck to do the job.

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