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3 Reasons Why Shipment Tracking Matters To Customers

In our fast-paced world, we’re getting used to receiving what we want and when we want it. We also like to be in control of what’s going on. In particular, this applies to the shipping experience. Eventually, technology impacts the way we get things done.

Your customers are getting accustomed to the use of technology and the benefits it offers and that’s why it is crucial to provide shipment tracking. Although it seems like we’re living in the age of technology, many companies still don’t offer shipment tracking to their customers, and sometimes if they do, it is poor and hard to navigate. However, the visibility of shipment is crucial for the customers. In fact, 88% of consumers say that real-time order tracking is important. If you are aware of what is going on within your supply chain, you can analyze the information to define gaps and increase efficiency. The greatest reason to use shipment tracking is that it makes your customers satisfied, enhancing their overall experience. Shipment visibility is a major contributor to the general impression you are giving to your client. Here are the few compelling reasons why shipment tracking can make customers get back to you:

Customer satisfaction

Imagine ordering expensive or valuable stuff online, and not getting a single update during a certain period of time. Most likely, you’ll be stressed out wondering where your package is and whether the order has been processed at all. Not a situation you’d like to be in, right? When customers order something online, they expect to track the package from the start to the end. Even if any delays occur, the customer can see it and at least will have the information before something happens.

Insights for the shipper

Essentially, shipment tracking is a valuable feature for your customers. But few think how valuable it can be for the sender. Firstly, it lets you keep track of the orders and information it contains. Additionally, you can use this data to enhance your service and define operational gaps. Without a thorough insight into the supply chain, you can’t make any efficient decisions.


One of the little-known benefits of shipment visibility is that it lets you see additional fees and accessorial charges that can apply during transit. Knowing this information can help eliminate unnecessary spending and better optimize your transportation strategy. Additionally, if you provide satisfying tracking features, customers perceive you as a reliable company. Ultimately, this results in customer retention and loyalty and helps bring in more profit. GoShip.com offers automated and detailed shipment tracking that will benefit both you and your customers. Start shipping with getting a free quote and see how the package visibility can help you!

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