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Wholesale Clothing Shipping & Apparel Supply Chain

Textile and clothing industries are large branches of the economy, which fuel a significant number of retail businesses. From fabric, zippers, and sewing materials to ready-to-wear high fashion products, the textile and fashion industry is crucial for today’s society. Apparel supply chains are complex and usually time-sensitive. Because of the high customer expectations in particularly this field of retail, shipping and logistics play critical roles in customer experience, and, consequently, greatly affect the company’s profit.

Retailers underestimate the role of apparel supply chain and logistics in their business, focusing all their efforts on marketing. However, well-organized operational processes are the cornerstone of any successful business. In the long run, it is also a cost-efficient strategy, because there are fewer errors and disruptions within the supply chain. If your customers will face delays and frustration, it will cost you more than a proper investment in textile logistics.

How does bulk apparel shipping work? How to ship clothes?

Apparel retailers need qualified assistance in arranging and maintaining the best shipping practices for the fashion supply chain. Considering the complexity of apparel logistics and textile supply chains, and the numerous processes involved in the transportation and logistics machine, partnering with an experienced textile logistics provider is crucial.


In the fashion and clothing industry, packing orders is a big deal. Retailers try their best to outstand the competitors, and fancy packaging is right off the alley for that purpose. However, in global shipping, there is another approach to packaging that should be applied. To deliver packages safely and in perfect condition, retailers should pay close attention to packaging.

Inventory and fulfilment

To avoid any bottlenecks in logistics operations, it’s important to make sure that you have all the needed supplies, materials, or apparel pieces in stock. Keeping your inventory in order helps guarantee proper order fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction. This is why textile logistics is time-critical. The small inconsistency leads to numerous disrupted orders and unsatisfied customers.


Today retailers have endless opportunities to acquire new technology. In terms of shipping, there are also applications for managing and tracking shipments, and getting updates. A good textile logistics partner will usually provide an application with everything needed to manage the transportation process.

How long does it take for bulk apparel to ship?

Depending on the shipment volume and the carrier you choose, it can take from 1 to 5 business days to ship bulk apparel. The ultimate delivery times depend on many factors, like destination, shipping mode, seasonality, etc.

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