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Freight carriers are the driving force of the shipping industry and a crucial link for businesses to get their supplies and products on time. Each day, thousands of companies across the globe rely on their freight being moved to destinations by freight carriers and truck drivers

What is a freight carrier?

A freight carrier is an individual or a company that owns or operates transportation equipment and expertise to move commercial freight locally, regionally, or globally. Each freight carrier offers different freight services and provides them within a specific area.

What are the types of freight carriers?


Local carriers, who typically have a small fleet, make up nearly 60% of all motor carrier markets in the United States. Local carriers usually operate within a limited area of 80-100 miles. Local carriers can often offer more customized services to their customers. However, they are not as competitive in terms of equipment and price as larger carriers. Small freight carriers can be a perfect solution for last-mile shipping needs or short-distance shipments.


Regional carriers are mid-sized motor carrier companies. They operate within an area in a particular region, have better equipment, and have more drivers. Still, these carriers are limited and cover a particular geographical region. Regional carriers typically offer faster transit times and a wider array of services. Similar to local carriers, regional carriers often help huge carriers fill in supply chain gaps.


National carriers are the largest freight carriers moving shipments through the entire country or internationally. These carriers usually serve large companies and partner with smaller carriers for regional or local operations. National carriers offer more flexible pricing and more reliable services due to their large capacity and better technology.

How to choose your freight carrier?

No matter what types of carrier you will decide to choose, every freight carrier should offer you a good service and operate legitimately. Before booking a shipment with any carrier, answer these three questions:

  • Is this freight carrier certified and operating with a license?
  • Will they provide the services I need?
  • Is the price within my budget?

GoShip.com’s Freight Carriers Network

GoShip works with thousands of carriers of all sizes and modes and easily connects our shippers to a wide pool of carriers. This way, you can find the needed equipment and capacity for your own budget. We are proud to list local, global, and regional carriers that handle your freight day-to-day.

Our Preferred Carriers

  • A Duie Pyle
  • AAA Cooper
  • Averitt Express
  • Central Freight
  • Clear Land Freight Systems
  • Dayton Freight
  • Dependable Hwy
  • Dohrn
  • DOT-LINE Transportation
  • Dugan
  • Estes Express
  • FedEx Economy
  • FedEx Priority
  • Fort Transportation
  • Midewest Motor Express
  • Old Dominion
  • Pitt-Ohio
  • R and L Carriers
  • RIST Transport
  • Roadrunner Freight Systemsroadrunner transportation
  • Saia
  • Southeastern
  • Southwestern Motor
  • Standard Forwarding
  • UPS Freight
  • USF Holland
  • USF Reddaway
  • Ward
  • XPO Logistics
  • Xpress Global Systems, Inc.
  • YRC

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