Small Businesses Reopening: How to Get Back On Track

There is a lot of controversy around the topic of reopening the US economy and how to handle the pandemic further. One way or another, we are going to return to our regular life in a short time. Many small businesses already have a carte blanche for reopening and getting...

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How To Increase Customer Loyalty Through Returns

Customer loyalty and retention are some of the key measures of service level among many companies. There are plenty of ways to improve customer retention. But there seems to be a secret key to keep getting loyal customers - even if their purchase didn’t satisfy them. This secret component is...

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Creating a Successful Small Business Shipping Strategy

A shipping strategy is not as high of a priority for small business owners as it should be. However, you will rethink everything whenever it starts hindering your sales flow and affecting customer retention. Shipping is a connecting link between a merchant and the customer, and what arrives on the...

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