How to Prepare for the Holiday Shipping Season 2020

2020 has been tough for small businesses. The COVID crisis and ensuing economic fallout have disrupted practically every industry, and this year's peak shipping season is right around the corner. This is an opportunity to capitalize on increased consumer activity towards the end of the year for many companies. There...

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What Long Term Trends Will Emerge In The Retail Industry?

While most businesses affected by COVID-19 are combating forces to save their company at the moment, developing a long term strategy is vital to successfully operate the retail market over the next several years. A variety of factors are affecting the world of retail right now. Retail companies that are...

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How Small Businesses Can Survive The Coronavirus

Small businesses are an extremely important contributor to the global economy. In fact, this sector accounts for 47.5% of the workforce in the U.S., employing roughly 59 million people. Small businesses generate 44% of our country’s GDP. With every state issuing stay-at-home orders and closing non-essential businesses, the small business...

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What Is Retail Consolidation and Is It Right for You?

The rapid growth of the retail industry resulted in fierce competition among retailers. To succeed in the tight market, businesses have to implement the latest technology, respond to growing customer demands, and maintain realistic budgets. Keeping costs low is a challenge when you constantly need to adjust your strategy and...

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What Is Vendor Compliance Program for Retail?

The bigger the retail industry becomes, the more complex regulations arise. Specifically, more retailers are now developing and deploying vendor compliance programs for their suppliers to manage the business on pre-determined conditions. While this makes retail companies more secure, it poses an additional challenge for shippers and vendors to meet...

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How To Improve Your Customers Experience Through Shipping

The retail industry is constantly expanding, and every year the competition among retailers gets fiercer. As the e-commerce sector reaches its peak growth, online stores are becoming the shopping channel used most by consumers. There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) that define if the company is evolving or not,...

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