What Long Term Trends Will Emerge In The Retail Industry?

While most businesses affected by COVID-19 are combating forces to save their company at the moment, developing a long term strategy is vital to successfully operate the retail market over the next several years. A variety of factors are affecting the world of retail right now. Retail companies that are...

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The Evolution of Retail: The Role of Visibility

Why has the retail industry changed so much? Over recent decades, the retail industry has come a long way from mom and pop shops and department stores to AI-enabled online stores. The most drastic shifts that caused an evolution of retail happened because of the technology boom and changing customer...

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How To Improve Your Customers Experience Through Shipping

The retail industry is constantly expanding, and every year the competition among retailers gets fiercer. As the e-commerce sector reaches its peak growth, online stores are becoming the shopping channel used most by consumers. There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) that define if the company is evolving or not,...

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