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Benefits of Shipping with GoShip.com

GoShip.com is an online shipping service that provides affordable and simple LTL freight shipping with an innovative and cost-effective approach. When you ship with GoShip, you experience a completely self-service website designed to simplify the search of finding an LTL carrier. GoShip.com uses our relationships with thousands of carriers and we ensure each carrier is the best quality and has the right capabilities for your shipment. GoShip.com is here to help you with all your individual and small business shipping needs including services like LTL shipping, small business shipping, furniture shipping, large-item shipping, cross-country shipping, and appliance shipping. GoShip.com gives its customers a step-by-step process to make shipping as simple, affordable and convenient as possible.

Why ship with GoShip.com?

  • Free quote comparisons
  • Custom solutions to meet your business needs
  • Easy access to our services online
  • Online tools to book all your shipments and email tracking options
  • Years of experience in the LTL and transportation industries

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