Filing a Falvey Freight Claim

How to File a Falvey Freight Claim

Whether we like it or not, unpredictable situations happen, especially in the freight shipping industry. Like in any other process where people are involved, there’s a small chance that something might go wrong. If you have had an experience with freight damage, don’t panic. You can collect the necessary information and file a freight claim.

GoShip.com partners with the Falvey Insurance Group. Our insurance associate lets you have peace of mind and not to worry about your shipment’s safety. However, to receive the coverage, you have to properly file a freight claim.

We have provided a useful guide from Falvey Group.

1. Collect all necessary information

To make your claim process as efficient as possible, gather all the below-listed documents. You can upload these documents while setting up your claim. They include:

  • A copy of the carrier’s tracking report
  • Original bill of lading
  • Signed delivery receipt
  • A copy of the invoice and/or sales receipt
  • Photos of damaged goods and packaging
  • An itemized repair estimate if applicable

2. Register a claim with your carrier

File your claim on the website of the carrier that moved your load.

Click here to file your carrier’s required claim form.

3. Register a freight claim online with Falvey

You can easily file a claim online if you go to the link found on the front page of your Certificate of Insurance. Use the shipment date and BOL number from your Certificate of Insurance as your login credentials. All of the claims are handled in-house by Falvey Shippers Insurance, who will answer you immediately and provide you with quality customer service.

4. Review your claim status online

Check your claim status online by using the same link on your Certificate of Insurance, or by reaching out to your claim expert directly.

5. Fast and simple payout

Once all of the documents are submitted, Falvey will settle your claim within 7-10 days. The process takes 3+ months on average when handled through a carrier’s limited liability.

Before filing a claim, please learn more about damage reporting limits. For the visible and concealed damage, these reporting time frames are suggested:

Within 90 days of the date of arrival – When damage/loss is recognized on the delivery receipt or bill-of-lading (BOL) and signed by the driver.

Within 5 days for concealed damage – When there is no immediate visible damage upon delivery, and not recorded on the delivery receipt or BOL.


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