Tips for Claims and General Information for Shippers and Consignees


Damage/ Shortage is discovered at the time of delivery.

  1. Always inspect the shipment. Make sure the shrink wrap is intact and/or the package/packaging material does not have signs of damage (water, crushed, torn, etc.)
  2. If the shrink wrap is not intact, please mark this on the BOL / Delivery Receipt (sometimes the Delivery Receipt has a box in the lower left corner asking if the shrink wrap is intact: Yes_ No_ )
  3. When damage/shortage occurs, please make a notation on the BOL / Delivery Receipt and take photos of the damaged merchandise. Examples: 'boxes of item 254258 damaged/crushed', 'Coils have chain damaged/chain protectors were not used', 'damaged and refused', 'water/rust damage', '2 boxes short' etc. If possible, open all containers while the driver is at your facility and make notations on the BOL accordingly.
  4. Contact the carrier immediately to report damages.
  5. Take pictures of the damaged product.
  6. DO NOT dispose of the package/packaging material. If the carrier decides to inspect the product, the packaging will determine if the damages to the product correspond to the damages to the containers.
  7. Please move the damaged product to a safe location. It is the duty of the consignee to retain damaged merchandise and shipping containers until the claim is resolved.
  8. Send all claim information to the carrier's claims department.


Damage / Shortage is discovered after the time of delivery.

  1. Take photos of damaged merchandise and contact the carrier immediately to report damages.
  2. Concealed Damage/Shortage claims must be reported to the carrier within 5 days of the delivery date. Please make sure you report your concealed damage claim to the carrier immediately.
  3. Take pictures of the damages product.
  4. DO NOT dispose of the package/packaging material.
  5. Please move the damaged merchandise to a safe location. It is the duty of the consignee to retain damaged merchandise and shipping container until the claim is resolved.
  6. Send all claim information to the carrier's claims department.

Filing a Claim

If you purchased All-Risk Freight Insurance for your load through Falvey Insurance Group, click here to learn how to file a claim.  If you didn’t, no sweat! You can still file a damage claim through the carrier you selected by following these steps: 
  1. Select your carrier from the list below and complete the relevant claims form. 
  2. Include any requested documentation, such as the Bill of Lading or Proof of Delivery. 
  3. If the product is repairable, attach a copy of the repair quote. 
  4. If the product is salvageable, attach a copy of the salvage/scrap value. 
  5. Submit the claim documentation per the carrier's instructions. 

What Happens Next? 

  1. The carrier has 30 days to acknowledge the claim. Once the carrier receives and acknowledges the claim, they will assign their claim number to the file. 
  2. The carrier has 120 days to respond with an approval or denial of the claim. This is required by law. 
 If you have any questions or need a hand filing a carrier claim, call 833-U-GOSHIP and we’ll lend a hand! 
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Carriers List

Carrier NameDamage FormEmailPhone Fax
A Duie Pyle claimsdept@aduiepyle.com610-696-5800610-696-2693
AAA Cooper cargoclaims@aaacooper.com334-793-2284855-263-6298
Averitt Express cargoclaims@averittexpress.com800-283-7488931-520-2799
Central Freight claims@centralfreight.com254-741-5227254-741-5295
Clear Lane Freight Systemsclaims@clearlanefreight.com317-759-8346317-759-8347
Dayton Freight claims@daytonfreight.com937-264-4060937-890-4846
Dependable Hwy dependableclaims@godependable.com800-924-4744
Dohrn claims@dohrn.com800-747-0723309-794-1693
DOT-LINE Transportation 323-780-9010323-780-1552
Dugan claims@dugantruckline.com316-616-9396316-616-9386
Estes Express claims@estes-express.com804-353-1900 ext. 2030804-232-1407
Fedex Economy file.claim@fedex.com800-463-3339877-229-4766
Fedex Priority file.claim@fedex.com800-463-3339877-229-4766
Fort Transportation claims@shipwithfort.com920-563-0800920-563-0801
Midwest Motor Express 701-223-1880701-224-1894
Old Dominion claims@odfl.com800-825-6636336-822-5494
Pitt-Ohio eclaims@pittohio.com800-366-7488412-232-0321
R and L Carriers 800-543-5589937-283-3721 / 937-283-8958
RIST Transport 315-789-8871315-789-0424
Roadrunner Freight Systems claims@rrts.com414-615-1500414-615-1529
Saia claimimaging@saia.com800-950-7242 ext. 2300985-857-2356
Southeastern LGunter@sefl.com803-794-7300
Southwestern Motor claims@smtl.com800-531-1071210-515-5592
Standard Forwarding cargoclaims@standardforwarding.com800-447-2012
UPS Freight 888-653-9720866-580-1944
USF Holland claims@hollandregional.com 616-395-5000 866-510-1294
USF Reddaway claims@reddaway.com503-885-5500503-885-5559
Ward 814-944-0803814-944-2369
XPO Logistics Claims.LTLCDC@xpo.com844-742-5976888-846-4694
Xpress Global Systems, Inc. xgsclaimsgroup@xgsi.com844-947-7447 423-602-2258
YRC 800-610-6500866-840-5691