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About Us

About GoShip.com

What is GoShip.com?

GoShip.com is a domestic freight shipping marketplace that provides affordable and simple full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping with an innovative and cost-effective approach. We work with all the major LTL carriers, and have over 50k FTL carriers on the platform.

GoShip.com is a completely self-service platform designed to simplify the process of finding and working with freight carriers without having to talk to a freight broker. We provide instant online quoting, easy booking and support to make your shipping as simple as possible.

Benefits of Shipping with GoShip.com

  • Instant, free freight rates & quotes
  • Custom solutions for your business needs
  • 24/7 access to platform and shipment tracking
  • Online shipment booking tools
  • Wide variety of services
  • Industry expertise

Our History and Mission

Founded in 2018, GoShip.com is an innovative digital shipping platform, designed to provide easy and affordable freight shipping. Our goal is to make shipping easier and more affordable for both businesses and individual shippers.

GoShip.com has partnered with thousands of pre-qualified trucking companies to ensure our customers are getting the best freight rates. With countless transportation offers in the market, GoShip.com provides the lowest rates.

How to Ship Freight with GoShip.com

The shipping process steps are simple and convenient with GoShip.com. Here’s how shipping works when you choose GoShip.com for your shipping needs:

Step 1: Choose the type of your shipment

Choose whether you are shipping full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. Get a free quote by giving us the dimensions and weight, and we’ll determine the shipping class you need. It’s important to give accurate information on your shipment to avoid disruptions throughout the process.

Step 2: Get a quote

Once you get to the freight quote stage, you will need to choose a truck type for FTL or give us shipment information for LTL. It’s important to give accurate information on your shipment to avoid disruptions throughout the process.

Step 3: Make your payment

All payments are handled through our secure, easy-to-use website, giving you a single point of contact and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Step 4: Bill of Lading

Present your GoShip.com bill of lading to the driver to verify your shipment and make sure that all necessary information is communicated to the carrier. It is critical to provide the correct BOL at the pick-up, otherwise, your carrier can refuse to handle freight.

What services does GoShip.com provide?

GoShip.com is here to help you with all your individual and small business shipping needs. We supply you with advanced solutions for a wide range of shipping services, including:

GoShip.com gives its customers a step-by-step process to make shipping as simple, affordable, and convenient as possible.

How does GoShip.com work?

You no longer have to contact a freight broker or borrow your uncle’s truck to transport your large items, you can book your shipment completely online through our platform. Our digital shipping platform is available 24/7 at your office or at home, allowing customers to ship freight anywhere, anytime.

Shipping some items is as easy as putting them in a box and handing the box off to a shipping company or the post office. However, some items are too large, too bulky, or too cumbersome for a standard shipping procedure. That’s where GoShip.com can help. Thanks to our network of freight carriers throughout North America, GoShip.com can arrange the shipping process for any service you need.

Unlike traditional small parcel shipping companies, GoShip.com specializes in oversized and bulky items that other freight shipping platforms won’t handle. Thanks to our easy-to-use website, competitive rates, and advanced technology, working with GoShip.com makes shipping easy and convenient for you.

Freight Shipping Tips from GoShip.com

Here are some tips to help make the shipping process much smoother for you:

  • Always clearly label your packages
  • Provide adequate protection for your items (pallets, crates or boxes)
  • Distribute weight equally on a pallet
  • Make sure to accurately measure and weigh your shipment before providing dimensions
  • Have material ready for shipping before scheduling a pickup in the platform

Let Us Make Shipping Easy for You

Whether you’re a small business or an individual needing to ship one item, GoShip.com can take the stress out of your shipping experience.

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