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Warehouse Logistics 

The importance of warehouse services has grown hand-in-hand with gains in international trade and the CPG retail sector. Proper storage of goods has always been an essential asset of a smooth logistics strategy. In fact, your warehouse strategy can greatly impact your supply chain efficiency. It is crucial for your organization to have enough space to store inbound shipments and consolidate outbound freight. Additionally, good warehouse management can provide substantial benefits to your order fulfillment, service, and customer satisfaction.  

Despite warehousing passing underestimated and under the radar, it is a major contributor to business performance. Practicing efficient warehouse logistics and inventory management can take your CPG business to another level.  

Retail Shipping Software 

Giant retailers are a major player in almost every industry, with companies like WalmartTarget, and Amazon containing a multitude of products and serving as marketplaces for a massive number of businesses. Shipping to and from major retailers is important because they are where the world shops. You want to make sure you have a reliable and resourceful network of carriers transporting your goods to the retail stores, and you want a means of collecting quotes and booking freight through that network. 

Unfortunately, retail shipping software is complicated, messy to implement, and still requires that you develop your network of carriers. 

At GoShip, we offer a variety of pre-vetted, trustworthy carriers who can move your products from Point A to Point B safely. And instead of relying on an in-house system, you can leverage our self-service website to get wholesale pricing from trustworthy carriers that regularly move CPG shipments

Additionally, we have a tracking system that allows customers to see where their package is in real time and when it is arriving at its destination, reducing unwanted fees and delays by allowing customers to know if their package is going to be delayed, the pick-up time is changed, and other disruptions or changes. If you want to learn more, you can check out this blog about the benefits of GoShip's shipment tracking

Before you start pricing and implementing a complicated retail shipping software or transportation management system, take GoShip’s free Get a Quote tool for a spin to avoid heartache. 


Wholesale Shipping Cost 

Anyone who works with wholesale customers will tell you that they are one of the most price-sensitive groups you’ll find, and for good reason. Margins in CPG and wholesale are razor thin already, so wholesale shippers are reluctant to pay any more than the absolute minimum to move their wholesale freight. 

Of course, you also want to factor in the quality of the carrier you select. Lost or damaged shipments don’t pay the bills. Fortunately, GoShip helps deliver competitive CPG and wholesale shipping costs without sacrificing quality. 

With a network of over 45,000 FTL carriers and all the major LTL carrier networks, all of whom have been pre-vetted to deliver the safest journey for your freight, GoShip gives shippers a wide variety of choices through our Get a Quote tool. Wholesale shippers just need to enter basic information about their freight and, within seconds, they’ll receive a free range of quotes from which to choose. 


Shipping Clothes 

Ecommerce shopping has become common for businesses all around the world, especially clothing companies. While trending upward for years, shopping for clothing and shipping directly to consumers spiked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clothing manufacturers ramped their production and shipments, meaning that finding the perfect carrier to ship became even more important.  

With an increase in volume and variety of clothing shippers available, customers have become more price conscious and sensitive to shipping times. That's why developing a strong network of carriers to move your clothes is key. There are a variety of carriers out there, but you don’t have time to pilot them one by one. A bad experience can lose you a customer for life. 

With GoShip, we help you find a reliable carrier at wholesale rates from our network of over 50,000 carriers. By taking just 60 seconds to use our Get a Quote tool, we can provide you with a range of carrier options and pricing that suits your company's needs. 

We can help you find the perfect carrier to ship all your clothing to your stores or customers safely and efficiently. To learn more about shipping clothing through GoShip, visit our apparel industry page on our website to see how we can help your business safely and efficiently get your clothing in your customers’s hands. 


Clothing Fulfillment Services 

Apparel retailers need qualified assistance in arranging and maintaining the best shipping practices for the fashion supply chain. Considering the complexity of apparel logistics and textile supply chains, and the numerous processes involved in the transportation and logistics machine, partnering with an experienced clothing fulfillment service provider is crucial. To avoid any bottlenecks in logistics operations, it’s important to make sure that you have all the needed supplies, materials, or apparel pieces in stock. Small inconsistencies can lead to numerous disrupted orders and unsatisfied customers.  

Here at GoShip, we offer convenient LTL shipping services to ensure timely fulfillment of your apparel supply chain. With less-than-truckload shipping, you can ship smaller packages of textile or clothing to meet the needs of retailers or your customers. 


Cheapest way to ship clothes 

While USPS and FedEx can be great options for quick shipping of smaller packages, these services can come with extra fees and premiums when trying to ship larger items or items in bulk. For these types of shipments, we recommend an online freight shipping platform to save money and protect your bottom line. Luckily, GoShip offers LTL freight shipping services for your larger bulk clothing shipments. Our full-service, online shipping platform features a Get a Quote tool to allow you full visibility into pricing and help you find the cheapest way to ship clothes.  

To help your clothing shipment strategy, there are a few factors for you to consider. The first is the size of the package or packages you are shipping including the weight and dimensions. The next factor to consider is the distance your package will travel from its origin to destination. Other factors include freight class, fuel prices, and specialty services. All these considerations can make this a complicated process. To make your shipping process easier, GoShip Get a Quote tool automatically takes all these factors into consideration to save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Looking for more ways to reduce you shipping costs? Check out our blog on textile logistics for the apparel industry.  


Consumer Packaged Goods  

CPG, or consumer packaged goods, consist of a large group of short shelf-life products. It broadly means products that consumers replenish on a regular basis, or products that aren’t intended to last for long stretches of time, such as toothpaste. The goods are wrapped in bright and branded packaging to be recognized from a wide variety of market offers. CPG is a $2 trillion worth sector of the US economy.  

The CPG market sector is tight and saturated, so retailers are highly focused on delivering a positive and seamless customer experience, meaning stocked shelves with low prices. While companies work on new ways to retain their clients, increase product quality and enhance order fulfillment, transportation strategy can be easily left out. With GoShip, you can focus on your business main goals, while we will act behind the scenes providing structured delivery in terms of speed, rate, service, and quality. 

We can help with competitive rates, more efficient processes, and optimized operations. Of course, anyone can make that claim, but we encourage you to use our free Get a Quote tool to calculate your CPG shipping costs in under 60 seconds. 


How to Ship Beauty Products 

Shipping beauty products can be a handful. Moving hairspray is wildly different from moving perfume, and both of which are nothing like moving makeup. Keep these six things in mind before shipping beauty products: 

  1. Pack it up. Make smart packaging decisions to prevent jostling and shock damage from the trip, especially for anything that can easily scatter, like powders. 
  2. Fill it in. It's not just what’s on the outside that matters. Packaging fillers, from foam to bubble wrap, can help keep your beauty products safe and secure. 
  3. Use insurance. Beauty products combine fragility with high value, the ideal scenario for making sure you’ve got plenty of coverage. 
  4. Know your ingredients. Certain common makeup ingredients, such as alcohol, have carrier and legal constraints on where and how you can move them. 
  5. No, really, know your ingredients. Your beauty products have different temperature requirements based on their ingredients, which can influence if you use a dry van or reefer truck to move them or where they’re warehoused. 
  6. Don’t overpay. Leverage online resources like GoShip’s Get a Quote tool to find the best pricing and highly qualified carriers. 


Shipping household goods 

When it comes to shipping household goods, it’s best to use a reliable carrier with a track record of safe, timely delivery. Demand for household goods is rising with the shift to remote or distributed work—consumers are taking more care with their homes—which is why you need household goods shipped safely, quickly, and with the help of a professional. 

Costs will vary based on the size and weight of your item, location of the origin and destination, the time of the year, and specific needs of your household good shipment. You’ll want to make sure your items are protected and secure while being transported. Use packing materials such as bubble and shrink wrap to protect against physical damage as well as moisture. If you’re shipping enough items, it might be worth it to use a pallet for ease of loading as well as additional protection. Once your items are safely packed, just sit back and GoShip will take care of the rest of the process. 

It’s near impossible to predict market fluctuations or consumer demand shifts, meaning that you need a network of carriers that can expand or shrink to your household good business need. GoShip has you covered with our self-serve, 24-7 network of carriers ready to move your household goods.

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