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moving scams
Moving into a new house or apartment can be a very exciting time. It is very important to make sure that you pick a good service to help you with your move to avoid possible moving scams. In some instances, the movers will demand a cash payment before unloading your items or drive off and store your items to get more money. This may sound extreme, but these situations do happen. It is important to be prepared and know what types of moving scams to look for. Here are some of the most common moving scams and
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Posted on May 16, 2018
7 Steps For a Successful Office Relocation
Office relocation can be a nightmare for some companies. How will you continue to do business while you are moving? How will you pack, move and unload all of the office materials? The key to a successful office move is to have a plan from start to finish. Most office moves are planned six months to two years in advance, so it is important to start developing a moving plan as soon as you can.  Creating a detailed project plan can be very helpful in helping smooth out the moving process. If you aren’t sure ho
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Posted on May 09, 2018
 freight saving
Have you ever tried to make a shipment and were shocked by the price of the shipping cost estimates? There are many things that go into determining your final shipping cost. Factors like fuel costs are out of your control, but other factors like weight can be controlled. We will go over four freight shipping tips to help you reduce the cost of your shipments: Tip #1: Consolidate Your Shipment - Bundling, boxing and palletizing your shipment makes it easier for the LTL shipper to handle and pack your ship
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Posted on May 02, 2018
shipping costs
There is a lot more that goes into choosing the best carrier for your shipment than most people think. When deciding which LTL carrier to work with, many businesses or supply chain managers will only take the upfront cost of transportation into account. There are a few strategies we will explore that you can use when choosing the best carrier for your company. Here are three simple, strategic ways to reduce supply chain costs: Reduce DSO and Collect Faster - You can reduce your DSO (days sales outstandin
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Posted on Apr 25, 2018
freight insurance
No one ever wants to hear that their freight was damaged during the shipping process. Whenever you are shipping, you want to make sure that your shipment is prepared correctly to avoid possible damages during the shipment. When dealing with damages, it is important to know the coverage you might receive from a freight carrier and the difference between freight liability and freight insurance. Freight Liability - There are many things you must prove to be compensated for your damaged freight. This can inc
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Posted on Apr 18, 2018
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