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What Is Flatbed Shipping?
flatbed truck loading with cargo

If you have ever wanted to ship large or oversized items, you may have heard about flatbed shipping. It can be a beneficial solution for industrial shippers, as well for individual shipments of large objects that are too big for LTL shipping.

What is flatbed shipping?

Flatbed shipping is a type of truckload shipping that refers to moving oversized cargo with an open trailer. Unlike dry van shipping, the flatbed trailer is a type of open equipment. Basically, it is a plane platform, a trailer with no sides or roof, often with an additional deck for loading and unloading. Flatbed shipping is most commonly used within industrial areas like steel manufacturers, machinery and equipment, building materials, heavy hauls and oversized loads.

What are the benefits of flatbed shipping?

Sometimes, flatbed transportation is the only way to transport your oversized freight to the destination. Due to the nature of the trailer, it offers flexibility and versatility in terms of sizes and types of commodities shipped. Also, there are different types of flatbed trailers, such as drop decks, double drop decks, lowboys, and removable goosenecks. All of those have different sizes and loading docks, which lets you choose the most suitable type of equipment for your freight.

What should you know before shipping flatbed?

Accurate freight information

Although flatbed transportation is meant to move oversized loads, it’s not limitless in terms of size and dimensions. It is crucial to know your shipment well, including all the dimensions, weight, and sizes. For each type of flatbed trailer, there is a certain limitation, and it’s important to make sure your cargo validates with load permits.

Accessorial charges

Since flatbed often involves moving specialized loads, special equipment or additional services are often required to complete the shipment. Before booking a shipment, consult with an expert to choose the proper equipment and services for your freight. This way, you can avoid extra charges, freight damage, and delays.

Choose a reliable shipping partner

Arranging flatbed shipments on your own can be burdensome and expensive. Working with an experienced shipping company will make the process much easier for you.

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