The Logistics Behind Santa Claus
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The Logistics Behind Santa Claus
The Logistics Behind Santa Claus

Christmas is coming, and thousands of children all over the world are writing their letters to Santa, patiently waiting for Christmas day. Every year, children all over the world wake up Christmas morning and open their long-awaited gifts underneath the tree. This expectation must be satisfied on-time, because the delivery of happiness can’t wait on Christmas, right? No matter how many shipping companies there are in the world, there is always going to be one person ahead of everybody – Santa Claus. This man holds an enormous amount of pressure on his shoulders every single year. Here are a few facts from Santa’s data storage to have a better understanding of the amount of work he has to do every year around Christmas time:

  • Almost 25% of the world population are children, which equals roughly 1.8 billion children across the globe.
  • 31% of children are raised in Christian families, which means nearly 600 million kids are expecting to see a surprise under their Christmas tree every year.
  • If the average gift weight is 1 kg, Santa has to ship 600 tons of presents across the world.
  • If Santa would consider using human help, he would need approximately 400,000 trucks or 5,000 Boeing 757-200 airplanes.
  • Santa has only one night (22 hours to be exact) to make children happy and deliver presents, which means he has to deliver half a million gifts per minute with no room to fail.

Can you believe how complex Santa’s supply chain is? His elves must be working really hard to impress the world on Christmas! There has been some talk recently that Santa is outsourcing his logistics to humans. But shhh... all of the packing and managing is still handled by him and his dedicated team of elves! What logistics processes does Santa use to ensure his presents are delivered on time and safely? Believe it or not, there is an entire logistics machine helping Santa get it all together. Hundreds of thousands of trucks are getting ready to move presents to their destinations, tons of aircraft's are waiting to complete Christmas missions, ocean ships travel long journeys to their ports, and millions of people pack and process every single gift before it reaches a happy child. Santa is a very organized man and begins preparation for the Christmas season almost half a year in advance. Aside from Santa and his elves, there are 768,000 people in the U.S. alone helping throughout the process of delivering Christmas gifts. Santa greatly appreciates different types of transportation like aircraft delivery to help in the process of delivering items to where they need to go. For example, an American airport facility called Worldport in Louisville, KY, processes up to 1.6 million packages during the Christmas season. The plane lands, the containers get unloaded and all of the parcels go to the sorting center. The packages are then scanned and travel miles on automated conveyor belts. They are manually redirected into different directions until eventually reaching a bag. That bag goes to the next container, which is put on another plane to the final destination. As a truly committed shipping provider, we hope to help your business handle all of your shipping needs this holiday season. If you have any large items to sell or transport this year, will do its best to transport your items safely and efficiently. Happy holidays everyone!