Step-by-step Guide: How to Ship Liquids
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Step-by-step Guide: How to Ship Liquids
shipping liquids

Shipping liquids requires careful and secure packaging to avoid leaks that can ruin your item and other packages being shipped.

To avoid the stress and expenses that come with product returns and refunds, take a look at our tips and tricks to ship liquids successfully.

What kinds of liquids are you shipping?

While freight carriers will allow most liquids, some liquids are considered to be dangerous. Any liquid that can potentially cause harm to a carrier is illegal to ship.

Dangerous liquids include those that are flammable, poisonous, or contain gasoline or bleach.

Some carriers might not allow spirits, paints, aftershave, and even perfumes since these are also flammable.

When in doubt, check the policies of your chosen freight service.

How to Ship Liquids

Once your liquid gets the thumbs up for shipping, the next thing to do is ensure that it arrives safely to its destination.

The biggest concern in shipping liquids is leakage. Failing to pack your item properly will lead to leaks that can destroy the package and potentially other parcels in the system. This could make your package undeliverable, a huge headache for personal and business shipments alike.

Thankfully, there are many ways to ship liquids safely, and our step-by-step guide is a full-proof way for your liquids to arrive without any leaks.

1. Double-seal your items.

Ensure that your items have extra plastic wrapping around the lid or cap to prevent leaks.

If the item doesn’t have a double seal, wrap a tough strip of tape around the lid to ensure it won’t pop off.

2. Put the item in a waterproof bag, twice!

If the packaging of your item fails, bagging it ensures that the liquid will remain contained, preventing damage to other packaged.

Place the item in a waterproof bag, making sure that it’s large enough to be sealed completely. Make sure that there isn’t a lot of air in the bag. This might cause the bag to rupture.

Fold or twist the ends with a rubber band, then cover with tape.

It will be a good idea to repeat the process with a second waterproof bag.

3. Securely pack your item in a cardboard box.

Find a cardboard box that is large enough to hold the item and packing material.

Line the bottom of the box with a soft layer of packing material, such as foam, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts.

Set your item in the box, then fill it with enough packing material so that the item doesn’t move around and leak during shipment.

Remember to add another layer of packing material on top of the liquid!

4. Seal the box.

Make sure that the box closes entirely and that you tape over any seams with strong packing tape. 

Most of the time, one layer of tape isn’t enough. Use as much tape as needed until you feel confident that the box won’t burst during the shipment.

5. Label your box.

Labeling your box ensures that the carrier and recipient will know how to handle the package.

Use stickers or a permanent marker to label your package as “LIQUID” or “FRAGILE” on all sides of the box.

You can also include a sticker that advises the recipient to avoid using a box cutter that might cause the item to burst.

How to ship perishable liquids?

When shipping perishable liquids, place your waterproofed items inside a styrofoam cooler with coolant packs. 

Make sure that the cooler is secure in the cardboard box by filling the space with peanut foams.

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