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Shipping for Furniture Manufacturers: The Basics
Shipping for Furniture Manufacturers: The Basics

Traditionally, furniture was bought mainly in brick-and-mortar stores and there wasn’t much need for transporting it across the country or across the globe. However, with the pandemic, almost every business had to strengthen up its digital presence because their audience migrated online. Furniture manufacturing and retail are not an exception. Previously, more than 80% of buyers reported first looking at the items online before making an in-store purchase. Now, this number is only growing along with the percentage of online buyers, meaning an increased need for furniture shipping. There are many challenges facing furniture manufacturers and retailers in their business processes. One of their most painful issues is transportation. For furniture distribution, you have to find a perfect combination of a reasonable price, careful service, and suitable transit times. Any furniture business owner knows that going with a regular parcel service is impossible in the long run. Getting an entire truck for moving a sofa is also not an option due to high costs. There are several ways to optimize the transportation process for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

How do you optimize furniture transportation?

Plan and consolidate shipments

Full truckload shipping can be a great transportation option if it is carefully planned. The best strategy for retailers is to consolidate their orders according to different regions and take advantage of full truckload shipping. For large manufacturers or retailers, it is beneficial to have warehouse facilities in the main areas. Even if you are a small business, you can still use these for consolidation.


Freight shipping companies often require specific packaging from furniture distributors, so it is better to have appropriate packaging materials if you want to have a large pool of freight carriers to work with. Again, planning is key here: packing in advance should be a critical part of your order fulfillment strategy.

Last-mile delivery

Apart from choosing a reliable shipping platform for your main transportation purposes, you may also need a last-mile service to deliver furniture to the final customer. Whether you're shipping ottomans, bed frames, or anything in between, GoShip is the perfect platform to find the best carriers at the best rates. Take control of your shipping schedule and get a quote today!